Timothy Chalmet clarifies his thoughts on the 2020 election

Timothy Chalamate has made his views on the 2020 presidential election very clear.

The 24-year-old actor posted a series of stories on his Instagram account that confirmed his casting in the upcoming Adam Mayake movie with the likes of Jennifer LeRance, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio.

He also celebrated his sister Paul Lynn, who was involved in writer-producer Mindy Calling’s project.

In his final Instagram story, he asked his social media followers to vote for “President Trump” on election day, November 3rd.

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The New York City native admitted back in 2019 in an interview with ID Magazine that he often feels “responsible” in political thought.

“I don’t know if it’s pressure, I think it’s a responsibility though. I was talking about this. [former co-star] Steve Carell, how there was general lethargy in previous pay generations that everything is going well and the stakes are really high. People our age are much more engaged, and I think that’s a good thing. “

Timothy Chalmet declared that he hopes Trump is not re-elected.

Timothy Chalmet declared that he hopes Trump is not re-elected.

He also said that he appreciates the youth for being a standing ovation for what they believe. One person who shed light on it was Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of a Parkland school shooting and a gun control worker.

“We live in a truly inspiring time, because so many voices like this – people like Emma Gonzalez – for example – are really young. They are the people of our age who have to deal with all of this, and who are dealing with it now. ., “He said.

Another film donated for the time frame given by Wood Olthy Film of Time Oth CH Challemet.

“It was interesting to come to the Golden Globes and sc scars last year [when actresses wore black to stand with the Time’s Up movment] – Because there was this huge tension in the self-celebration, which is about the award ceremonies – when many people are suffering, and many people have complaints. “There are not only trivial complaints, but also appropriate complaints,” Chalmet added.

The “Call Me By Your Name” star has also put his money where his mouth is. In a powerful Instagram post, Chalmet announced that he was donating all his salary and profits to various charities by working on the Woody Allen movie.

Allen has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, including his step-daughter Dylan Farrow. The director has denied all the allegations.

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“The way I look and feel about a lot of things has changed this year,” Chalmet wrote. “I’m learning that a good role is not the only criterion for accepting a job – it has become very clear to me over the last few months, injustice, inequality and So have seen the purpose of the powerful movement to end more. All, silence. “