Tiger Woods is worms up with his 11-year-old son Charlie and the similarities are amazing

On Thursday, P.N.C. The pair were a mirror image of each other as they warmed up before the championship – a season-and-season event in which professionals connect with family members of their choice.

Both had cats in their Nike costumes, the similarities between father and son were for everyone to see and Video The pair went viral at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Grand Lakes.

From the swing to the casual admiration of their shots, the pair were seen in perfect harmony. But Woods snr. There is no pressure on her son to fill her shoes.

He said, “It’s a pleasure to watch him enjoy this game.”

“He’s been playing junior golf tournaments and he’s come up against it and people have given him videos. This is the current world we live in; everyone has a phone.”

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Tiger Woods watches with his son Charlie's teenage daughter.

‘They are very similar’

The pair will face Justin Thomas and his father Mike in the tournament and the former World No. 1 says they expect the youngster to attract a little attention this weekend.

“It’s very similar, I mean if your dad were Tiger Woods who wouldn’t want to be like your dad? He definitely has all the ways,” says Thomas, a family friend who says Charlie is already competitive with his dad. Edge, told reporters.

“I think there are people at home, and you’ll all find it fun to chew on the club and walk hand in hand and watch the fist pump.”

Thomas Snr. Helps an 11-year-old coach in South Florida and said young Woods has skills beyond his age.

However, like Tiger, he said the most important thing was that Charlie was having fun playing the game and he felt no pressure to live up to his father’s high reputation on the golf course.

He said, “Two things that are incredibly unbelievable to me are his speed, I mean he’s a little guy and the club is moving fast, and his knowledge of golf is incredible.” “I know his father is Tiger, but he’s 11 years old.”

“It will be interesting to see what happens to him because he has a ton of talent. He’s something great that makes him feel like he’s having fun in the game. He can’t do all that work on a bad shot.”