TI posts a text thread with Deyjah Harris after reports that she sub-tweeted it on Twitter

Due to all the drama it caused on social media last year, people still talk about “hymengate”. This refers to the situation where rapper TI Harris openly spoke to his daughter, Deyjah Harris, for OB-GYN dates. The statements were met with a violent backlash. From the looks of it, the Harris family wants to move on, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, due to social media.

Deyjah Harris, Tip
Deyjah Harris, Tip “TI” Harris and heiress Diana Harris in 2018 | Paras Griffin / Getty Images

TI recently said it believed that people “jumped to conclusions”

TI found herself in big controversy in 2019 after she stated that she was going with 18-year-old Deyjah to her OB and gynecologist appointments to make sure her “hymen is intact.” She talked about it on the podcast,. Ladies like us.

For months, TI was criticized for this behavior, which was called misogynistic and sexist. It was also a story about the most recent season of his television series VH1, TI and Tiny: the hustle and bustle of friends and family. During the episodes, Deyjah revealed that the test embarrassed her and that it was traumatic.

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Last week, TI criticized the people who criticized it. He said The breakfast club that his comments were misinterpreted and disproportionate. “All the other people who jumped to conclusions and got into a weird stranger, man, screwed, because that’s never been Tip,” he said. “The tip has never been shaken like this. Those people who assumed, ‘Oh, he’s in the exam room with her.’ I never said that … Those people who assumed, “He made her do it against her will.” I never said that.”

Fans Believed Deyjah Harris Subtitled Her Father

On Monday, Deyjah sent out a tweet that many fans immediately assumed was about her father, considering the aftermath of her statements about appointments with her doctor. She tweeted: “Look how you talk to your children. I don’t care how old they are, they still deserve the same respect you expect in return. “

When a quote from an admirer tweeted at her and told her that many times children cannot comment on how they are treated because they are younger, Deyjah replied and said that things will change. “[B]But the good thing about this generation is that we will all be better parents and we will know what to do / say or what NOT to do / say to our children, no matter how old they are, “he wrote.

TI rejects this claim, sharing a text message thread with their children

Various websites, including The Shade Room, began reporting on Deyjah’s tweet. As the tweet continued to gain ground, TI commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post, accusing the medium of doing big business out of thin air. “All of you reaching out,” he said. All adults felt like teenagers at some point in life. The only difference here is … she is the daughter of TI. Let him[r] LIVE Cuzz … she finds her place in the world and doesn’t deserve to be under the microscope every step of the way. I can handle that pressure and I appreciate it, so apply it to ME … leave her alone, please. Sincerely, a loving Father. “

The rapper didn’t finish after that. On his own Instagram page, he shared a series of texts that included Deyjah. While we don’t know every person in the group thread, it appears to be one that includes her children, given that both Deyjah and one of her children, Domani, are there.

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In the text thread, Deyjah said: “It is always a BS thing. I didn’t reply your DM for a reason and they were still posting it? TI added: “Do not press, my love … I only suggest you apply. More context Deyjah … IG is a place where if you do not give them their conclusion, they will definitely draw theirs … Or should I say the networks I mean I didn’t mean to bother you. I’m just giving you a game.

She also seemed frustrated with the fact that her social media is so controlled and that people think many of her posts are about IT. She continued in part: “… it’s my Twitter, I should be able to tweet what I want and people should only take care of their affairs. Not everything has to be about her, that’s why I don’t like people.”