Three hikers missing in Washington’s Mount Rainier National Park

Matthew Bunker, a Seattle hiker, was reported missing by his climbing partner at 3 p.m. PT on Saturday. It was near a steep area known for avalanches and rockfalls.

Bunker was reportedly ahead of his partner when they descended the mountain on skis and “believed they had fallen into the steep terrain,” NPS said in a press release.

Vincent Djie was reported missing on June 19 after he was last seen on a hike down the Van Trump trail to Mildred Point in the park.

Djie is an Indonesian student living in Seattle, the NPS said. The agency said it is coordinating with rescue groups, Djie’s family and the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco in this search.

Talal Sabbagh, a Seattle hiker, was last seen walking in the Paradise area of ​​the park on June 21, NPS said. The NPS said it is coordinating with rescue groups and Sabbagh’s family in the search.

The NPS has not requested public assistance as its teams search for the three men due to dangerous conditions in the area.

A bunker is missing near the mountain’s Liberty Ridge area, which is where six hikers died in 2014.

The NPS said it cannot deploy a search on foot in the area due to the weather.

“The terrain below where Bunker disappeared is near the location of the Liberty Ridge tragedy that claimed the lives of six climbers in 2014. It is very steep, ends in cliffs, and is known for frequent avalanches and active rockfall,” NPS said in its press release “This, combined with the broken surface of the Carbon Glacier, will prevent the deployment of ground crews in this search.”

Searches for helicopters in the Liberty Ridge area will resume “early next week” when the weather is forecast to be more stable, the agency said.