Three-body problem maker allegedly poisoned by a colleague

Cover of the Chinese edition of Three-Body Problem.

Cover of the Chinese version of Three physical problems.
Screenshots: Chongqing Publishing House

After Development stuck in hell for years, Adaptation of Sixin Liu’s popular Hugo winning novel Three physical problems Finally, a home was found on Netflix Game of ThronesDavid Benioff and DB Weiss are connected To write and generate executive. But now the project is facing a different kind of behind-the-scenes drama.

Production has not yet begun on the Netflix series, though Three physical problems The fantastic play is already shaped by the following Reports that executive producer Lynn Qi was allegedly poisoned By one of his associates at Yoozoo Group – currently owned Chinese gaming developer Three physical problemsNo production rights and also becomes the manufacturer Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

Like The Hollywood Reporter Notes, on Wednesday, the Shanghai Public Safety Bureau said with an announcement on its Weibo page how, after Qin was admitted to the hospital earlier this month, his doctors suspected he had been poisoned, which led to an investigation into the arrest. .

“Following this call, the police started an investigation. According to an investigation at the scene and further visits, police found out that the victim named Xu, who is a colleague of the victim Lin, was a possible culprit. “Suspicious Zuni has been arrested and an investigation is ongoing.”

Although the police outpost did not fully share the name of the suspect, South China Morning Post The executive, named Yao Zuna, was recently tapped to oversee Yuzuna’s three-body universe, a unit focused on other projects Three physical problems. Although Yuzu initially planned to make both cinematic and gaming adaptations of the story, both failed to materialize, and it was unclear whether. Three physical problems Yuzu will never make it to the screen until the beginning of this fall when it partnered with Netflix.

While there is no word on what motivated the crime (THR points out “A dispute between the executive ranks of a Chinese entertainment company” and noted that the indeterminate poison was allegedly given through a cup of tea) There are reports that Qi is recovering and in a stable condition. There is also no word on how these events could affect the future Three physical problems Series.

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