There is talk of acquiring a micro .ft disc

Micro .ft corp. The messaging platform Discord Inc. is in advanced discussions to acquire for 10 billion or more, as the software giant seeks to deepen its customer en fur.

MicroSoft and Discord are the only ones in the negotiations and could complete the deal next month, assuming the talks do not break down, people said.

Originally favored by gamers, the San Francisco-based Discord offers voice, text and video chatting. Like other chat services like Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp and Signal Messenger LLC, the popularity of the platform has grown since the epidemic took hold when people stay at home and connect online. Anxiety is considering an IPO.

Micro .ft, with a market value of $ 1. More than tr trillion dollars, he is looking for an acquisition that will help him reach more customers. Last summer, amid the high-profile geopolitical impediment suggested by the Trump administration, the popular video-sharing app negotiated to buy tickets ok, before abandoning the effort.

VentureByte reported this week that Discord is exploring sales and has had exclusive discussions with the anonymous suitor.