The White House accepts the declaration of scientists who oppose the lockdown and rely on ‘mob immunity’.

It has been argued by a group of White House scientists that authorities should allow the spread of coronavirus in young healthy people while protecting the elderly and vulnerable – an approach that relies rather than reaching “animal immunity” through infection. The vaccine.

Many experts say that the “mob immunity” – the point at which the spread of the disease stops because almost everyone in the population has contracted it – is still a long way off. Leading experts have come to the conclusion, using various scientific methods, that about 85 to 90 percent of the American population is still susceptible to coronavirus.

In a call by the White House on Monday, two senior administration officials, both speaking on condition of anonymity because they did not have the authority to disclose their names, cited a petition called The Great Barrington Declaration on October 4 to argue the lockdown. And businesses have been called to reopen. And schools.

“The current lockdown policy is having devastating effects on short- and long-term public health,” the statement said, adding that “the most tragic approach is to allow people to balance the risks and benefits of reaching the mob’s immune system.” The risk is lower. Immunity to the virus from natural infections usually leads to death for their lives, while better protection of those at high risk. We call this centralized protection. “

The declaration has more than 9,000 signatures worldwide, its website says, although most of the names are not public. The document was raised at a meeting hosted by the American Institute for Economic Research., A liberal-minded research institute.

Among its main authors is President Trump’s science adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas’s academic home is Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is included. Dr .. Atlas has also included the immune system of the herd.

Among the architects of the declaration are Sunetra Gupta and Gabriela Gomes, two scientists who have suggested that societies can achieve herd immunity when 10 to 20 percent of their population is infected with the virus, a condition most epidemiologists do not agree with.

Last month, at the request of The New York Times, three epidemiological teams calculated the percentage of infected country. What they found runs counter to the principle promoted in influential circles that the United States has already acquired mob resistance or is close to doing so, and the epidemic is all over. That conclusion suggests that businesses, schools and restaurants can safely reopen, and masks and other distance measures can be abandoned.

Dr. Christ, director of the University of Health Matrix and Evaluation at Washington. Christopher J.L. Murray said the epidemic model was frequently quoted during White House news briefings, saying, “The epidemic hit hard in the spring like Christopher J.L.

The move comes amid a White House coronavirus outbreak that has now engulfed more than 20 people, as evidence mounts that the administration has done little to stop or spread the virus.

On Tuesday night, officials with the Labor Department said the secretary, Eugene Scalia’s wife, tested positive for coronavirus earlier in the day. Trish Scalia, who was said to be experiencing “mild symptoms” and her husband were honored by Judge Amy Connie Barrett at the Rose Garden event, is seen as a source of many infections among people connected to the White House. Officials said the secretary tested negative, but would work from home.