The University publishes an annual ‘Banned Words’ list for 2021

As 2020 approaches, a university wants to prevent many words and phrases from being brought into the new year.

Thursday, Lake Superior State University in Celtic City. Mary, Michigan, unveiled its annual “List of Bashed Nouns,” which includes 10 words it wants to ban in 2021 for “overuse, abuse or uselessness,” the university said in its announcement.

However, many words can be difficult to decipher.

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More than 1,450 words and phrases from around the world were nominated. Of these, more than 250 were related to coronavirus.

So when the university decided to make a list of its banned words, it put COVID-19 at the top of the list, which contains similar words like COVID, coronavirus and rona.

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In fact, most of the phrases on the final list are epidemiological, including “social distance,” “we’re all together,” “in this indefinite period,” “major,” “major,” and “unprecedented” – already by LSSU in 2002. The ban was imposed.

Lake Superior State University presented its annual

Lake Superior State University released its annual “List of Banned Words,” which included seven phrases related to the coronavirus epidemic. (iStock)

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The university also wanted to demystify the term “Karen”, which began as an anti-sexist critique of white women’s behavior in response to “black and brown people,” but has now been turned into a “myogogonist umbrella” for its criticism. Women are believed to have excessive behavior.

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The LSSU also rejected “sus”, which is short for “suspicious” and usually the video game “between us” and “I know, right?” Because it “already repeats something else.”

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“No one should be surprised that this year’s list was dominated by words and phrases related to Covid-19,” the committee members said in a joint statement. “The LSSU’s list of omitted words reflects the signs of the time since it debuted in the mid-1970s, and this year the zoo is: We are all in this by boycotting expressions such as ‘We all live together’ . ”

The members said that to ensure that Kovid-1 is unprecedented in crushing and destroying lives. “But there’s too much influence on the ‘unprecedented’ to give things accuracy, so it has to move on, too.”

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LSSU Since 1976, it has published an annual “Ban Ban List of Words” that supports language excellence by encouraging words and phrases that are overworked, meaningless, oxymoronic, clichd, irrational, inconsistent – and otherwise avoided. “Ineffective, surprising or irritating,” the declaration said.