The U.S. has peaked at 1,100 coronavirus deaths in just one day. One state is getting help from the National Guard, and another is breaking records

You know that Covid-19 is out of control when health officials drown too much, they can’t notify close contacts who are infected.

A person who has a sign: Oct Kto.  13, 2020;  Phoenix, Arizona;  Delta Air Lines has no touch boarding at Sky Harbor International Airport.  Delta Air Lines is promoting their health and safety practices in the era of COVID-19 air travel.

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Oct. 13, 2020; Phoenix, Arizona; Delta Air Lines has no touch boarding at Sky Harbor International Airport. Delta Air Lines is promoting their health and safety practices in the era of COVID-19 air travel.

What’s happening in North Dakota is that this is one of 31 states that have suffered more new Covid-19 cases this past week than last week.

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Contact tracing is crucial to detect potential carriers of the coronavirus, so it can isolate and break the chain of infection.

But a “sharp rise” in new cases has engulfed contact tracers, leading to delays and a “backlog of positive cases whose cases are yet to be handed over to the case investigator,” the North Dakota Health Department said this week.

“Close contacts will no longer be contacted by public health officials; instead, positive individuals will be instructed to self-notify their close contacts and direct them to the NDDOH website, where landing pages will be created … positive by explaining recommended and necessary actions. For both patients and close contacts. “

The state health department said 50 soldiers have been moved from close contacts by the North Dakota National Guard to notify people who test positive, the state health department said.

‘No safe time’ to be masculine with someone outside your bubble

Across the country, all Americans need to redouble security measures now that the definition of “close contacts” has expanded.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expanded to just “close contacts” to accommodate anyone you can briefly contact, within 6 feet, during a combined 15 minutes during the day. (Previously, the CDC defined close contacts with whom you have a close encounter, for at least 15 minutes.)

Dr. Ashish Zai, dean of Brown University School of Public Health, said it reiterates the importance of everyone wearing a mask.

Zha and other health experts say there’s nothing more magical than 15 minutes, and the public shouldn’t assume it’s safe to spend less time with people without masks.

“It’s not a safe time to be with anyone if you don’t both wear masks.”

“It’s really complicated that people have been with someone for any length of time, even if they wear masks for less than 15 minutes.”

New CDC Guide Researchers can quietly spread coronavirus even after a brief contact (less than every 15 minutes) with a nearby infected person.

“Masks can protect others from virus-containing particles who have Covid-19. Half of all people who have Covid-19 do not show symptoms, so it is important to wear a mask because you can. Carry the virus and know it No.

“While providing a little limited protection to the mask wearer, each extra person wearing the mask increases personal safety for everyone. When more people wear the mask, more people stay safe.”

Where states are now stand bha

U.S. Now in the grip of a horrible collapse, fueled by indoor socializing, outbreaks in schools and epidemic fatigue.

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, the daily toll for more than a month – more than 1,100 new deaths were reported on Wednesday.

At least 10% of new Covid-19 cases were reported this week in 31 states compared to last week: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi , Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Only Hawaii is in the right direction. The remaining 18 states are relatively stable.

Florida, which recently reopened many businesses at full capacity but with no mask requirements, recorded its highest one-day growth in new cases in more than two months: 5,557 on Thursday. The statewide Covid-19 death toll has risen to 16,470.

Oklahoma recorded a record 1,628 new cases Thursday, the highest number of new cases on a daily basis since the epidemic began.

Ohio broke its record again on Wednesday and again Thursday, with more than 2,400 new infections reported. “The top 10 of the 10 new cases reported have occurred in the last eight days,” said Mike Devin of the government.

And in New Jersey, Governorate. Phil Murphy said Wednesday that the chances of being admitted to hospital in three months are the highest.

Epidemiologist: ‘I don’t know what to do now’

It’s not just the growing number of new cases that are relevant. It is also an increase in deaths and hospital admissions – which reduces the care of patients who do not even have Covid-19.

“Hospitals are starting to fill up,” Utah Gov. Gary Herbert said Thursday.

The hard way that Utah mother Laurie Terry learned. She had a recent heart attack and needed special equipment in the hospital’s intensive care unit. But a doctor told the family that not enough resources were available amid the growth of the growing Covid-19.

Eventually, Terry was taken to the hospital with the special care he needed, but his condition worsened.

State epidemiologist Dr. “We’ve seen in the last two weeks that our health care system is at capacity,” Angela Dunn said.

“I don’t know what to do now.” “I’m not really trying to scare anyone. I’m just trying to give you information and facts about what’s going on.”

In your state and U.S. Track the virus in

Herbert had a wish for the masses:

“I hope people will take this seriously and do their best,” the governor said.

The victory of the churches claiming Colorado over business limits and masks

Two Colorado churches can allow as many worshipers as they want, and people in those churches don’t have to wear face ingots, a federal judge recently ruled.

Judge Daniel d. Domenico said health orders for churches on state-of-the-art buildings and mask orders are unconstitutional.

According to the judge, “the Constitution does not allow the state to tell a congregation when comparative non-sectarian gatherings are not so limited, or to tell a congregation that the reason for wishing to wear the ings of their face is less important than that of a restaurant or a spaniel.”

Robert A. of the Denver Bible Church. Aniart applauded the verdict, which was handed down last Thursday.

He told CNN, “We have a right to have a duty to worship God, and that is without government interference.”

“We will not comment on the pending lawsuit,” Connor Cahill, a spokesman for the government-appointed Jared Police, told CNN in an email.

He said the state has filed an appeal.

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