The Trump administration rejected California’s request for wildfire relief.

The Creek Fire, which began Sept. 4, is the largest fire in California history, Mr. Newsme said in his letter. The fire has so far damaged more than 550 homes, put thousands more at risk and forced more than 24,000 to evacuate.

As of Thursday, the creek fire had consumed more than 341,000 acres, accounting for 58 percent of the total, according to state fire agency Cal Cal Fire.

Wildfire management has become an ongoing task for firefighters, officers and residents. More than 50,000 million wildfires have been burned in California since the beginning of the year, the agency said in its statewide fire summary on Thursday. The total number of statewide deaths related to the fire is at least 31, he said.

While the state did not include a specific dollar amount in its request, Mr. News wrote that due to the slowdown caused by the epidemic, California has grown from an estimated 6 6.6 billion budget to an estimated deficit of 3 3.3 billion. “California’s economy is suffering in a way we haven’t seen since the Great Depression of 2009,” he said.

In the letter, Mr. News acknowledged that President Trump has issued several major disaster announcements for the state in recent years, including the announcement of a fire in Northern California that is still burning. These declarations help the state in federal resources and assistance.

A scientist said the weather reversal has broken face in California.

And the cost of all of that is significant.

“We’re setting records every year,” Tom Coringham, a researcher at the Scripps Institute of Physiology, told The New York Times last month. “It’s a little early to say what the total effects will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the losses exceed the 20 billion this year.”