The Trump administration has blocked California wildfire relief

The Trump administration has rejected California’s request for disaster relief funding, aiming to clean up damage from six recent fires across the state, including the Los Angeles County Bobcat fire, San Bernardino County El Dorado fire and creek fire. To burn in Fresno and Madeira counties.

The decision was made late Wednesday or early Thursday when the administration rejected the government’s request for Governor Gavin News to make a major announcement about the president’s disaster, said Brianne, deputy director of media relations for the governor’s office fees for emergency communications and emergency services.

Ferguson could not give a reason for the federal government’s refusal.

President Trump has previously threatened to cut off federal dollars, with state officials in 2019 “not meeting with their actions, which is unlikely.”

The declaration of a major disaster allows the sharing of costs for damage, cleaning and reconstruction between the state and the federal government. It also activates federal programs led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

California has not asked for a specific dollar amount because the damage estimate is not complete, Ferguson said.

“The true value will not be known after months or years,” he said.

He added: “What the state is looking for is the highest level of federal support, which needs to clear the highest levels. But we feel that our case is fulfilled for those needs. ”

According to Ferguson, such assistance could easily reach millions of dollars.

Outside of the fires in Southern California, the state is also seeking help for Mendocino County’s Oak Fire and Cisco County’s Slater Fire.

News formally submitted a letter to the White House and FEMA on September 28, demanding such a statement, citing the fact that five of the six largest fires in California’s record history have occurred this year.

The largest is the Gust Complex Agni, which started on 16 Aug Gust.

Newsme also said the funds would help rebuild public infrastructure, roads, parks, signs and fire shelters.

“Countries affected by this wildfire are recovering from the effects of many previous catastrophic WiFi, hurricanes and Covid-19 epidemics,” Newsom wrote.

He added, “The people of California are tired.”

Many residents lost their homes and property without insurance. As of Sept. 28, 959 homes were destroyed by fire and 90 more people were damaged, estimated at $ 264,289,200, according to Newsom.

The governor also noted the cash-strapped nature of the state, which is presenting an epidemic-driven deficit of 3 3 billion this fiscal year.

The denial of the declaration will likely lead to a federal appeal by the state.

Ferguson also hopes that FEMA will reverse the course and only approve the decision.

In February, the federal government agreed to pay California more than 170 170 million for repairs to the Ro Roville Dam spillway. Overall, the government raised Rs 2,562.5 million for the project.

California had earlier in August successfully applied for a federal government declaration for two fires caused by lightning, including a complex fire.

Newsom will probably also announce another disaster for the glass fire in Sonoma County and the zoog fire in Shasta County, Fom Gusen said. The Zogg fire was contained on Tuesday, while the glass fire contained 97%.