The Titans reportedly recorded eight new positive COVID-19 tests, the team stopped club activities

The NFL may be up against its most serious COVID-19 related challenge yet, as a possible outbreak could cause the two teams to suspend individual club activities for weeks. According to Tom Paliser of the NFL Network, The Tennessee Titans had three new player positives and five new staff positives for COVID-19. Since they played in the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, both teams will suspend all individual club activities starting Tuesday.

According to Diana Russini of ESPN, A league source said Tuesday they are “closing Tennessee until Saturday”, meaning no Titans coaches or players could be in the building. As for the Steelers, they are ready to play on Sunday, unless otherwise said. The Titans coach has told the players that they will be ready to face the Steelers even if they are physically unable to meet as a team until Saturday’s walkthrough. According to NFL Network’s Mike Gerofolo.

After this report, the Titans Issued a statement They confirmed that they had received multiple positive tests.

“With a lot of caution, the organization has decided to work remotely today because we follow the NFL protocol regarding the COVID-19 virus. Many tests have returned positive and (we) are in the process of confirming them. We will have. More info tomorrow. “

The NFL and NFLPA said in a statement that both the Titans and the Vikings are working together to create weather for this potential hurricane.

“On Tuesday morning, the Titans’ Covid test results returned three new players’ positives and five new employees’ positives. The Titans will suspend individual club activities starting today. The NFL and NFLPA, including our infectious disease specialists, are working together to evaluate, conduct additional tests and monitor progress. All decisions will be made with health and safety as our primary consideration. Updates will continue to be shared as more information becomes available. Keep it up. “

The Titans say they will need to “confirm” the positive tests as the league has already dealt with an abundance of false positives in this ason fascin. Back in August Gust, a total of 77 positive tests for COVID-19 were repeated in 11 teams. Upon further review, it was concluded that these were false positive tests, and each sample was re-run with negative returning samples for coronavirus. John R. Cohen, MD, executive chairman of BioFerence Laboratories, NFL’s testing partner, Issued a statement Explaining that these false-positives were due to loneliness contamination in the New Jersey lab.

“We remain in touch with the NFL regarding positive COVID-19 tests with the Tennessee Titans,” Steelers’ statement read. Mike Gerafolo of the NFL Network. “We have been notified to proceed with our game preparations for Sunday’s game unless otherwise informed. We will provide more information when it becomes available.”