The Supreme Court will repeat itself as a main electoral issue, loses a ‘wake-up call’

President Trump thought he had. With the appointment of two right-wing Supreme Court justices and 200 federal judicial appointments, Trump felt he had delivered on a key promise from the 2016 campaign to make the judiciary conservative.

For reelection, Trump and his aides did not see him shoot supporters in the 2020 race, they said. Instead, the focus would be on job creation and the opening of the economy after the coronavirus crisis.

But then there were consecutive losses from the Supreme Court on immigration and gay and transgender rights, backed by key court conservatives.

“It is almost as if we are a minority court, right? It is almost as if we are a minority court, ”Trump said in exasperation at an Oklahoma rally about the court consisting of five Republicans and four Democrats. Others said the president was disappointed with key conservative judges who voted with the liberals, Chief Justice John Roberts and Trump’s designee Neil Gorsuch.

Now, officials told Secrets, the White House is planning a major new campaign effort to revive the court as a major issue.

“The two decisions we lost last week, I actually think that puts the Supreme Court back in the mix. We need more conservatives in the Supreme Court, ”Vice President Mike Pence told me later this week.

Authorities noted that in 2016, the courts were a surprise topic. In previous campaigns, both sides have tried to make it a voting engine, but it’s generally received in a boring way. But in 2016, 26% of Trump voters said it was a key factor in their decision.

Earlier this week, Pence launched a Supreme Court line at the first of several planned “Faith in America” ​​campaign events. To applaud, he said: “We need more conservatives in the Supreme Court of the United States. So we need four more years for President Trump in the White House. “

The effort began when Trump announced plans to issue a new list of possible Supreme Court elections that he will only consider if there is another opening. He did the same in 2016, in part to show skeptical conservatives that he was one of them.

“The staff is political,” said one of the main sources in the White House.

They also plan to argue that while Trump has appointed former President Barack Obama 50-19 with appeals judges, there is a chance that the Republican will fill a record number of district and appeals judges in the next four years, essentially blocking in a conservative judicial bent for the next quarter century.

Lose the elections, and that could be gone in a moment. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump said: “Recent Supreme Court cases prove that if Joe Biden is elected, he will stack the court with extremists, the forgotten men and women, along with everyone else. We will lose everything.

Mollie Hemingway, the oldest Federalist editor and court expert said “more than ever” that Trump needs to stay to save his legal legacy.

Biden, he warned, will present “radical activist” judges. “He is willing to go in any direction that the political winds blow. And in the Democratic Party, it’s a hurricane force wind that has just come out of the deep end to the left. “

And he agreed that the topic will be “a motivating factor” this year.

Pence, somewhat surprised by the popularity of speaking about the court on the campaign trail, said he plans to step up his references at future events.

“It’s a country.” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. “If the economy moved forward, it would be less urgent to continue doing what we’re doing. I think those two Supreme Court decisions were a wake-up call for conservatives. We need a couple more. Give us four more years, “he said.