The Supreme Court allows the NY prosecutor to file a Trump tax return

The documents will be subject to grand jury secrecy rules that prohibit their public release.

The verdict is a bitter loss for Trump, even if tax records are prevented from being made public, even as he continues to argue that the subpoena issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was excessive and issued in bad faith.

That means an investigation into alleged hush money payments and other issues of physical justice will no longer hamper Trump’s fight to keep documents secret.

Vince said in a tweet celebrating the order, “Work in progress.”

Documents of subpoence from January 2011 to August 2019, including its tax return, from Mazar. The documents relate to Cohen’s employment, paying Hush money to two of Trump’s former lawyers, Michael Cohen and two women who claim to have an extramarital affair with the trust.

Although Trump’s personal lawyers may continue to fight his appeal in the case, the fact that the documents will be released by Trump’s accountant, Mazar, effectively ends the controversy.

In a statement, the former president said the Vance investigation is “the continuation of the biggest political witch hunt in our country’s history.”

He added: “The Supreme Court should never have allowed this ‘fishing campaign’ to happen, but they did.”

Mazars said in a statement that it is “committed to fulfilling all our professional and legal obligations.”

The Company adds: “Due to the business responsibilities of our industry, Mazars may not discuss the nature of our services for any client, or any client, in public forums without the consent of the client or as required by law.”

Last July, the Supreme Court, in a 7-2 vote, rejected widespread claims of immunity by the state’s criminal subpoena seeking Trump’s tax compensation, saying he was not entitled to any of the highest standards available to ordinary citizens as president. The judges sent the case back to the lower court so that President Subapena could raise more targeted objections about the small scope.

The Manhattan District Attorney will assist the team investigating possible fraud allegations against Trump and his company.

In October, the Federal Court of Appeals said that “there is nothing to suggest that this is anything, especially the run-of-the-mill documents of property related to a possible judicial or judicial misappropriation fund investigation.”

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Trump’s personal lawyers then withdrew the case to the Supreme Court, urging the judges to stay the lower court’s ruling while the judges considered considering an appeal.

“Subpoi’s geographically scattered, temporarily expanded and predominantly unlimited – are all qualities that raise suspicions of an illegal fishing expedition,” wrote William Consovoye. “Even if the declaration is limited to just the grand jury and the lawyer,” he said, “once the documents surrender” will be “secretly” lost for all time. “

The Supreme Court has rejected an election appeal from a Pennsylvania Republican

Vance is helping his team await the Supreme Court ruling.

Veteran defense attorney and trial attorney Mark Pomeranz was sworn in as special assistant district attorney earlier this month, along with a former federal attorney and expert in financial institutions in Manhattan, Vance’s office said.

The story has been updated with comments from former President Trump.

CNN’s Cara Scanel contributed to this report.