The Simpsons and the Family Guy will also relaunch their black characters with black actors.

Carl Carlson from The Simpsons.

Carl Carlson from The Simpsons.
Image: Fox

The animation industry is currently going through a little calculation how finally, finally, really, finally seems to realize that their characters of color could be voiced by actors of color as easily as whites.

According to Weekly entertainment, The Simpsons is the latest animated program to make the change. Earlier this year, Hank Azaria finally walked away from his role as an Indian. character Apu after much criticism, and now the program will also restructure all of its black cast, including Carl Carlson, Lou and Dr. Hibbert.

In a statement, the show’s producers didn’t do much to elaborate, they just said, “Moving forward, The Simpsons You will no longer have white actors playing non-white characters. “Fair enough.

Family man He’s also doing a remake, with actor Mike Henry stepping away from the role of Cleveland Brown. “I love this character, but people of color should play characters of color,” he wrote. On twitter. “Therefore, I will leave office.”

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Which, again, great. It is wonderful to see whites learn from mistakes and try to improve in the future, even if it is only in some cartoons. Although the speed at which all of these roles have been recast has the vibe that people do something they know to be questionable until the moment they realized they could no longer ignore the criticism. After all, it’s not that these problems weren’t noticed until two weeks ago, you know?

Now that it’s settled, then maybe these top media properties can use their influence and money to help us disburse the police.

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Correction 06/27/2020 4:31 pm EST: The header image was modified and the language surrounding the mention of Apu was clarified.