The second stimulus is still a conversation, not yet guaranteed

As the fifth month of life approaches during a pandemic, the $ 600 unemployment checks run out and there has been no clear indication that a second stimulus check will be extended or will arrive.

Although some people have not yet received their first stimulus checks, there are many who request a second. According to Newsweek, Dynata surveyed 1,000 Americans on behalf of the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and found that 36 percent feel that a second check should be greater than the first. President Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday that he would support a second stimulus check.

However, the president only has the power to veto or sign the bill, not create it. That power rests with Congress, with bills passing first through the House of Representatives. The House recently passed a $ 3 billion HEROES Act requiring another round of $ 1,200 stimulus checks, as well as $ 1,200 for dependents with a maximum of $ 6,000 per family. The Senate is unlikely to approve the act as it stands, as Forbes reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) described him as “dead on arrival.”

There are many different proposals floating around Congress right now. McConnell and other Republicans want a new stimulus package to focus more on business and getting people back to work than writing checks. They have debated $ 450 return-to-work bonuses and payroll tax deductions, among other actions they believe will make the economy work again.

Others such as Senator Thom Tillis (RN.C.) proposed handing over a $ 2,000 monthly stimulus check. Ben Ben Cardin (D-MD), among others, has said that stimulus controls should be aimed at those most affected.

The fact that there are people who earn more on $ 600 unemployment checks than they would on the job is another thing that Congress is considering in discussions about another stimulus package. Despite some people earning more from unemployment, CNBC reported that 30 percent of Americans failed to meet their housing payments in June. Millions continue to make unemployment claims for the first time. Dynata’s survey revealed that 25 percent of Americans who received stimulus checks used it to pay bills, while 20 percent used it to buy essential items. Only 6 percent went to a fun purchase, though 32 percent went to their savings. More than 159 million households had received their first stimulus check in June.

The Washington Post reported that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow have differing views on a second stimulus check. Mnuchin is in support, but Kudlow is still skeptical.

While there may be a second stimulus package, it is still unclear whether it will include a second stimulus control. The decision will likely be made in July before congressional recesses in August.

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