The Scottish Deerhound wins Best on the show

It’s a rough competition!

A Scottish-named Scottish deerhound named Claire won the National Dog Show 2020 on Thursday – becoming the first of her breed to receive this prestigious title.

Smiley Pooch got top praise with her owner Angela Lloyd by her side – beating seven finalists and a total of 538 entries.

Dog lovers quickly went on social media to cheer up the social, scraggly-haired card.

“A Scottish deer named Claire won a dog show. Good news for Clare everywhere, ” One fan got angry.

Another added, “A beautiful dog, a great winner. Congratulations Claire! 🙂 ”

Wayne Ferguson, president of the annual Kennel Club Phi Philadelphia, host of the annual Thanksgiving Day competition, said this is the first time in the show’s 135-year history that the race has emerged as a star.

“Scottish deerhounds are not usually in the best-in-show limelight,” Ferguson told NJ Advance Media, adding that they are “one of the oldest breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.”

But despite being the first of her race to win a best-in-a-win at the National Dog Show, Claire has a long line of champions. His grandmother, Hickory, won Best-in-Show at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. His mother Chelsea also won the reserve best-in-show at the 2015 National Dog Competition.

Lloyd said after the prize was drawn, “Claire has a lot of wonderful qualities. “It embodies the same qualities [as Hickory and Chelsea]. She is very similar to her grandmother, especially in the eyes. ”

Dog shows are organized annually by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. But this year, the show was called off to stop the spread of COVID-19, which was attended only by handlers, dog owners and staff.

But eagle-eyed fans were delighted to report that spectators have been replaced by dog ​​cardboard cutouts.

“Holly F – That Dog Shows False Dogs in the Crowd,” One viewer tweeted, With photo.

Others said their best vote goes to Chester, the adorable fur ball that competes in the toy group competition.

“Dog show stimulated serotonin and Claire was so cute but Omji Chester can’t handle my heart cuteness,” said one fan. Wrote on Twitter.