The “scary” COVID-19 update, according to Governor Basheer

Frankfurt, Q. (LX18) – On Saturday, Governor Andy Basher recorded 1,738 new cases of Covid-19 in addition to 8 new deaths.

This is the highest number of cases reported in Kentucky on a new day when one day when a backlog of cases was added in Fayette County.

“Terrible in a word,” Governor Bachere said in Saturday’s report.

The positivity rate is now at 5.63%.

“It’s exploding all over the country. “Yesterday was the highest number of cases reported in a single day in the United States,” the government bachelor said.

Governor Basheer said Monday he would discuss new recommendations for counties in the red zone.

“We’re going to tamper with these cases. The more cases, the more people come to the hospital and the more people die,” Gov. Basheer said.

Right now, the governor reports that 840 Kentuckians with COVID-19 have been hospitalized. Of those, 208 patients are currently in the ICU, and 107 are on ventilators.

In terms of weekly total, Kentucky has now surpassed a total of more than 50,000 cases since last week. There is one more result left for this week’s count.

“We are all fed up with COVID-19 and the problems it has brought,” said Dr. Steven Stack, commissioner of public health. “People are hurting, whether it’s from the virus or the rest of our lives. It’s all bad, though, when we don’t do simple tasks like wearing masks and social distance. As October approaches, please be kind to each other and remember that we help each other and ourselves when we focus on defeating the virus rather than arguing with each other. “