The Samsung Galaxy S30 leaks in the first crop of the render

  • Trusted Liquor Steve Hammerstoffer (aka @ LNlix) recently posted renders that allegedly represent the Samsung Galaxy S30.
  • The phone has a new camera mero design that makes the bump more subdued.
  • This is a very early leak for the Galaxy S series, suggesting that Samsung may launch the phone earlier than usual.

Earlier today, trusted smartphone leaker Steve Hammerstoff posted some images that he claims are of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S30. Generally, Galaxy S phones do not start leaking like this until late December or early January. However, there are many rumors that suggest that Samsung may launch its biggest flagships before 2021, so this initial leak confirms those rumors.

You can see the leaked images below. Keep in mind that Hammerstoffer has a ton of clout when it comes to leaks like this, but these are still leaks. As such, take them with the proverbial grain of salt.

Samsung renders Galaxy S30

The Samsung Galaxy S30 has leaked the Render L Nexus 2

For the record, Hammerstoffer says this render is for the Vanilla Galaxy S30, the smallest in the series as far as we know. It says it measures approximately 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9 mm. However, when you insert the camera bump it lasts up to 9.0mm in size.

Speaking of my bumps, it seems to be more versatile in this design than the Galaxy S20 series (and especially the Galaxy Note 20 series). We can’t conclude anything from the render alone, but it looks like Samsung has included a bump module directly in the body of the phone. If that’s true, it’s a very bright way to keep the thickness of the module for the benefit of better photo quality while not increasing the thickness of the phone too much.

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As expected, the render also shows a selfie camera centered between the display cutout (this time around with no in-display selfie camera) and the lack of a headphone jack. It seems that Samsung Sara is fully committed to go without a port of mm in its flagships.

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