The Roman rulers vs. the WWE Universal title. Bleacher Report retains Strawman with Goldberg and Berg Ching

Roman Raines presents the Best Coach award at the ESPY Awards at the Micro .ft Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.  (Photo by Chris Pizzello / Invasion / AP)

Chris Pizzello / Associated Press

After catching him with the guillotine, Roman Reigns retained his WWE Universal Championship against Braun Strowman on SmackDown, leading to the submission win:

Won the title with the rule Looking at Goldberg As a member of the Virtual Crowd in Thunderdom.

Champion Superman got off to a hot start with Punch, as his cousin and Hell Cell opponent Jay Uso watched later:

Strowman eventually became aggressive, however, knocking Ryan over the announcer’s table and knocking him over the fan barrier:

Match whenever Strowman saw in a match of the Chokeslammed reign:

However, Reigns later faced a Strawman maneuver at Guillotine Square. Despite the best efforts of the big men, it slowly faded before losing submissions.

After the match, so hundred came to the ring, and Raines pleaded with his cousin to stay with him, end their struggle, and call Hell in a Cell Fight. He then urged Uson to attack Strowman as the Rains only did so brutally from the match after the spear and chair.

Instead, Soe attacked Raines, who quickly returned before blacking out the show:

Sunday, Oct. On the 25th, the two cousins ​​will introduce the “I Quit” bet on ‘Hell in a Cell Match’, which will feature the HIAC match for the first time.