The prices of the PlayStation 5 consoles and their accessories may have been leaked.

Just a few weeks ago, the world finally received the reveal of Sony’s next-generation flagship console, the PlayStation 5.

Since then, unsurprisingly, the hype has not subsided at all as more and more gamers look at the details of the PS5 more before considering splitting hundreds of pounds.

So far, Sony has not announced an official price for the console, nor for any of its accessories, and we are not completely sure when they will release this information.

We currently know two versions of the PS5 console, one with a disk drive and one without it. In terms of accessories, Sony has also revealed the new DualSense controller, headphones, camera and a dual controller charging station.

Despite including images of its products throughout, Sony has so far kept a tight mark on the price of individual consoles and their optional accessories. However, a Twitter user has apparently leaked the price tags for these upcoming products.

The user, @ IronManPS5, has been ‘leaking’ information about the PlayStation 5 for a while, and while some of it has been accurate, it’s important to note that they have at least a few things wrong, so take this with a pinch of get out if you can.

According to this leak, the PS5 will launch in several countries during this year’s holiday season, and will be available in North America and Europe on November 20. The price of the console will be $ 499, € 499 and £ 449.

Other tweets reveal that both the PS5 and PS5 Digital (the one without the drive) will contain an 825GB SSD, for some really fast load times, and in good news for some, the PS5 Digital will apparently cost around £ 100 less than its sister console, priced at $ 399, € 399, and £ 349.

In terms of accessories, IronMan explains that DualSense controllers will launch the same day as the console, at a cost of $ 59.99, € 59.99, and £ 54.99.

The charging station for these controllers, capable of charging two at a time, will cost $ 29.99, € 29.99, and £ 24.99. The PS5 Media Remote will also launch at those prices, according to the leak.

The PS5 HD camera will also seemingly launch at $ 59.99, € 59.99, and £ 54.99.

The most expensive accessory, the Pulse 3D wireless headphones, will apparently cost $ 159, € 179, and £ 129.

Finally, Sony will launch a vertical stand for the PS5 console, priced at $ 24.99, € 19.99, and £ 16.99.

The anonymous leak also reveals that the PS5 will launch in Japan a week earlier than in other countries, on November 14. Lucky.

As we said, none of this is confirmed yet, so until the Sony official announces the price of its products, remember that things are subject to change, especially if this leak turns out to be incorrect.

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