The Patriots fined $ 1.1 million and lost the third-round pick for recording Bengals.

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Typically, this type of news arrives late on a Friday afternoon.

Instead, the Patriots were arrested for violating league rules on Sunday night, just after word got out that they were signing former league MVP Cam Newton.

According to’s Mike Reiss, the Patriots have been fined $ 1.1 million and lost a third-round draft pick for filming the Bengals’ activities during a game last year.

Additionally, the team’s internal television team will not be able to film any games during the 2020 season, and “top club officials” will have required training on how the league works and game policies.

The man who filmed the Bengals bench video, David Mondilo, was also kicked out of NFL facilities until further notice. He had previously been fired by the team.

In December, he filmed the Bengals sideline during a game against the Browns, but said he was doing it for an internal video on an advanced browser. He also issued a statement saying he was not asked to provide the video to soccer operations personnel.