The opening of Super Nintendo World Japan was indefinitely delayed

Universal Studios Japan is delaying the opening of Super Nintendo World, the new Mario-themed expansion from its Osaka amusement park, NHK reports. Universal said the delay was due to concerns about the coronavirus. A new opening date has yet to be announced.

The video game themed area originally opened in July before the 2020 Summer Olympics. However, the international sporting event was delayed until 2021 as a result of the pandemic.

Universal fears that Super Nintendo World is likely to be so popular that it could be a health hazard, allowing the coronavirus to spread, according to NHK. Universal Studios Japan reopened on June 8, but at limited capacity and with strict health and safety guidelines, including temperature controls upon entering the park and requirements for visitors to wear masks while inside the park.

Super Nintendo World was announced as an expansion within Universal Studios in 2016. The area will be based on Nintendo-owned video game properties, especially from Super Mario Serie. So far, three locations have been confirmed, including one in the US Not much is known about the rides and attractions that will be featured, aside from a ride based on the Mario Kart Serie. The park will also feature “Power Up Bands,” wrist accessories that combine with a smartphone app to track digital activities you do while walking in the park.