The Nintendo Super Mario Maker bookmark website seems to have already finished

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When Mario’s 35th birthday ends next week, services online services Super Mario Maker Also expires on Wii U – meaning players will no longer be able to upload their own courses.

As you may recall, Super Mario Maker’s bookmark website was also closed on March 31st. It looks like Nintendo has pulled the plug on the web service ahead of schedule.

Nintendo_Humb, a fan of Super Mario Maker and a Nintendo life reader, notes how “the website went down 4 days early” and has been down since at least March 26. The website says “Service is currently unavailable” and now shows 503 error.

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So, if you expect to visit the site one last time before you finish, it seems to you Maybe To be out of luck. Here is the full list of impressive Super Mario Maker services:

Services that will expire (Super Mario Maker – Wii U)

  • Ability to upload courses to Super Mario Maker for Wii U.
  • Bookmark the Super Mario Maker website
    As a result, the following features of Software’s Course World will also be unavailable:
    • Updating the ranking of selected courses
    • Looking for your bookmarked courses

And just to make it clear, Super Mario Maker 2 Will No This can have an effect in any way, and will continue to function normally after this date. Are you sad to see the original Super Mario Maker wrapped up? Let us know below.