The new U.S. Coronavirus cases have risen and fallen as the number of global deaths has exceeded one million

Despite pockets of resurgence in some parts of the country, the U.S. New cases have been reported in, while the death toll from the coronavirus epidemic has exceeded one million globally.

U.S. In Monday alone, 33,000 new cases were reported, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

With more than 7.15 million confirmed infections since the onset of the epidemic, U.S. It accounts for one-fifth of the more than 33.4 million cases reported globally. While many have recovered, more than 205,000 have died in the US

Daily U.S. Reported the death of Kovid-19

Notes: For all 50 states and DC, U.S. Territories and cruises. Last updated

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

U.S. Daily Covid-19 cases were reported in

Note: For all 50 states and DC, U.S. Territories and cruises. Last updated

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

Case-mortality – the percentage of fatal infections in all cases is 2.9%, according to Johns Hopkins. According to available data, the U.S. has about 63 deaths per 100,000 population, ranking 11th among all countries.

Reporting standards for infection and covid-19 deaths vary worldwide, and some countries lack the ability to accurately track the number of cases and casualties. Which makes it difficult to consider the extent of the epidemic.

On a daily average, U.S. More than 700 people die every day from Covid-19.

“I hate to say that, but unfortunately more people are dying from this virus than I expected,” said Carlos del Rio, a professor of medicine at Emery University who focuses on infectious disease and global health. “I sometimes feel like we’ve just given up and the epidemic continues.”

Dr. Del Rio said the U.S. Failure to start more rapid testing and the resumption of schools and businesses by the states requires the wearing of masks, said Dr. Said Del Rio.

New caseCalifornia and Texas, with more than 2,000,000 new cases reported each Monday, as of Johns Hopkins, with more than 1,000 reported in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin. The growing number of cases in the Midwest has been of particular concern as the weather cools and more activities take place indoors.

U.S. Outbreak monitoring

Cases confirmed by the state, ranked by the latest full day count

Daily confirmation cases per 100,000 inhabitants

Note: The trend indicates that the total number of cases in the state has increased or decreased in the last seven days as compared to the previous seven days. Last updated

Sources: Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering; Lancet; Associated Press; U.S. Calculation

Per 100,000 people, an average of new daily Covid-19 cases in recent weeks

Note: Last updated . Negative values ​​are due to improved statistics.

Sources: Johns Hopkins University (Case); Census Bureau (Population)

Laura Cassidy, professor and director of epidemiology at Medical College College Wisconsin, said rates of covid-19 have risen in Wisconsin, including in rural areas. Rates were particularly high among young adults at the end of the summer, he said.

“Going into the school year with high community rates, especially in the college ledge-age group, makes colleges and universities more susceptible to spread when they bring students back,” Cassidy said. ”

New York: Elementary schools in New York City, including schools extending to eighth grade, were expected to reopen Tuesday for the first time since closing in the spring due to epidemic concerns.

Student Return is a new chapter that many parents and teachers have called the most busy and uncomfortable-p back-school season in memory. New York City principals’ leaders on Sunday called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to call on the state Department of Education to take control of the city’s schools for the remainder of the Covid-19 crisis, after they unanimously passed a vote of confidence in them. .

Covid-19 cases are on the rise in New York City and some neighborhoods in neighboring Rockland and Orange County. Health department data also show an increase in the number of people hospitalized by the virus overall in the city. Government of New York. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that the infection rate in the state’s 10 pin codes was about 15%, but those areas represent about 25% new cases in the state.

Economy: The House Democrats unveiled a 2 2.2 trillion coronavirus-relief package that would restore the weekly unemployment benefits of ડ 600 million, the last attempt to revive stalled negotiations with the White House. The bill was introduced Monday evening, according to Democratic aides. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.C., California) spoke with Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin on Monday evening, and the two agreed to speak again Tuesday morning, her spokeswoman said on Twitter.

Vaccines: Post-phase trial for Invio Pharmaceuticals’ Covid-19 vaccine Inc.

U.S. health regulators are on hold, after raising questions, the company said.

The world

India: For the first time in almost a month, India’s daily death toll fell below 1,000. Health ministry data showed 776 new casualties, bringing the total to 96,318. Since September 2, India has been registering more than 1,000 deaths every day, the highest daily number of any country in the world. There have been 70,589 new infections in India, the lowest number this month. The country’s total number of confirmed cases is about 6.15 million, compared to the U.S. The back is the second largest case in the world

T., a retired professor of virology at the Christian Medical College in the southern city of Vellore. Jacob John said India had seen a peak in coronavirus cases this month and the number should start coming down. The health ministry, however, said nothing.

South Korea: New cases have been reported since August 11. Health officials said the outbreak occurred in the middle of August Gust, which is mostly associated with the church. Social-distance measures will be elevated for the next two weeks, as health officials are concerned that gathering around the holiday pairing could trigger another wave of infection.

Understanding coronavirus

Japan: The country has registered 101 new cases, the lowest number in five days and nine more casualties. The total number of cases in Japan is about 4,500,000 and the death toll is 1,559. As much as.

Australia Australia: The state of Victoria has reported 10 new cases, as the number of deaths in the state has increased by seven. Health officials said the 14-rolling average of the infection has a lower trend in metropolitan Melbourne, as there are no known sources. For the fourth day in a row, no new cases were reported locally in neighboring New South Wales. The quarantined people in hotels in the state’s double-digit increase were infected with the newly discovered infection.

U.S. As the number of coronavirus deaths exceeded 200,000, public-health experts pointed to a series of missed and miscalculations in the country’s response. Take a look at how the US became the epicenter of a global epidemic here. Photo Illustration: Carter McCall / WSJ

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Russia: With the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanyi said on Tuesday that the city would increase regular school holidays by two weeks in October-October to prevent the spread of the virus. Last week, the mayor urged anyone 65-years-old or older to stay home. Russia and Moscow in particular have seen a sharp rise in cases in recent weeks. More than 1.16 million cases have been reported in the country, the fourth largest number of infections globally.

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