The New Trump golf course in Scotland has been criticized by environmentalists

Environmentalists criticized the Berdenshire Council on Saturday for approving plans to build a second golf course in the area by President Trump’s family business.

Driving News: The council on Friday approved plans for an 18-hole golf course, which will be named after Trump’s Scottish-born mother, Mary Ann M. Claude, despite objections from locals and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, according to Scotsman.

What they are saying: “The decision gives the Trump administration the green light to destroy and destroy Scotland’s natural heritage,” Bob Warde of the Climate Change and Environment, a Grantham research institute at the London School of Economics, told the Guardian.

“The Berdenshire Council and the Scottish Government have ignored Scottish Natural Heritage objections about possible further damage to world-famous sand dunes that are supposed to be protected as a site of special scientific interest, but which have been partially destroyed by the first golf course.”

– Ward

  • Trump International, Scotland and Berdenshire Council did not immediately respond to Axis’ request for comment.