The Mayo Clinic welcomes the first Rochester baby

Rochester, Min. (KTTC) – The Bailey family played in the new year with a new baby.

Peyton Mary Bailey was born at 12:50 a.m. Friday at the Mayo Clinic, making her the first Rochester baby of 2021. Mom and Dad are doing well and Paul Bailey is doing well and is excited to welcome their third child.

“We were inspired yesterday [Thursday] In the morning, “Sara said.” But we were surprised that it took so long. And it ended up being a 2021 baby! We didn’t expect that. “

“It was a big surprise,” Paul added.

The older brother and sister were disappointed that they could not be reunited with their parents at the hospital because of the epidemic. Bailey says he is not looking forward to meeting his new family member soon.

Payton’s parents say their little bundle wants to make sure he was born in 2021 – and not 2020.

“I think she planned for some reason,” Paul said. “We have to wait all day so she doesn’t get associated with 2020.”

Bailey says they are excited for her to finally come here and she knows she is healthy. They can’t wait to go to her house and start as a family of five.