The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series for the first title since 1988; Justin Turner tests positive for COVID-19

Arlington, Texas – No dogpill, no champagne and no mask on almost every face – The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated their first World Series title since 1988 in a way no one could have imagined before the coronavirus epidemic. They started the party without Justin Turner, their red-headed star tested positive for COVID-19 after receiving word late in the game.

Turner was eliminated after Los Angeles’ 3-1 win over Tampa Bay Rays at 6pm on Tuesday night after registering in Major League Baseball’s first positive test in 59 days, and was initially not on the field as the Daggers jers enjoyed. Waste of titles earned during a very unusual season.

He returned about an hour after the game, hugging longtime teammate and star pitcher Clayton Kershaw and sitting next to manager Dave Roberts, pulling down his bushy dardi with his mask, front-center for a team photo.

“Thank you for reaching everyone!” Turner tweeted. “I feel great, no symptoms. Just experienced every emotion you can possibly imagine. Can’t believe I can’t be there to celebrate with my boys! This team is proud and for L.A. City Incredibly happy. ” “

Turner, 35, has been a staple in the Dodgers’ lineup for seven of his eight consecutive NL West titles. Succeeding with an upper-cut swing, model-more slugger Gare, who helped reshape the game, Turner is the career leader of the LA with 12 postseason home runs, including a pair in the series, in which he hit .364 and also played stellar defense.

“It’s a bowel movement,” said Cory Sier, MVP of the World Series. “If I can change places with it right now, I’ll do it. That’s not right.”

Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed Turner’s positive test moments after presenting the World Series trophy to Los Angeles – a reminder of something different this season in which the perennial-favored Dodgers finally broke down. They were in three of the last four World Series.

The Moki batsmen who had the Dodgers to make a difference in the World Series had a mad dash from the home plate in the sixth inning to put Los Angeles on top.

It marks the end of a disappointing championship drought for LA – and possibly for the Bates and Dodgers, whose seventh World Series title was sixth since they left Brooklyn on the West Coast in 1958.

“I had a crazy feeling that benefited me,” Roberts said. “It’s just a special group of players, an organization that we’ve beaten all sorts of.”

MLB: World Series-Tampa Bay Re at Los Angeles Dodgers
27 Oct October, 2020; Arlington, Texas, USA; The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated by beating Tampa Bay Ren in six games of the 2020 World Series at the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

By Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports Reuters

The batsmen batted in third place to advance to Caesar’s infield ground, then led to eighth with a puncturing homer.

“It was absolutely phenomenal. The team was incredible,” said Siegher, MVP of NLCS, who set a franchise record with eight homers and 20 RBIs this postseason. “We never stopped. We were ready to go with the talk. Once it was done we continued rolling. You can’t say enough about what we did this season.”

Players were given face masks as they gathered for their post-game celebrations, although many of their gifts were mask-free even after Turner’s positive test.

Nearly 2/2 weeks after the Lakers won the NBA title at the end of their season in the NBA Bubble in Florida, the Dodgers gave Los Angeles their second championship this year when the novel Coronavirus epidemic is delayed, shortened and the game’s asons moved around Tui.

The MLB season did not begin until the end of July and was brief for the shortest regular season since 1878. And the extended postseason, making 16 teams instead of 10, went almost full distance.

Dodgers Blue had plenty of fans at the Texas Rangers ’new $ 1.2 billion home, the rear-roofed stadium where they played 16 games in three weeks. And the roof was closed for the final one, with the misty conditions and 39-degree game temperature outside.

Kershaw said, “This year has been crazy, but no matter what, we’ll look back on this and we’re the champs of the World Series. To say that and to be a part of it, it’s nothing special, it’s special.” . “The only thing that would have made it better would have been at Dodder Stadium.”