The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series for the first time since 1988, beating the Tampa Bay Rays in six games.

Los Angeles has been waiting 32 years for this moment – and it happened during an epidemic, in front of a limited crowd of mainly Dodgers fans at the Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. It also comes just two weeks after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship for the first time in 10 years.

It was the World Series match that provided the thrill of the MLB season. In a way, it’s significant, as seven months ago, it was hard to believe that the season was even possible due to the epidemic.

And on Tuesday night, the MLB could not escape the threat of coronavirus. Justin Turner, the Dodgers’ third baseman, was eliminated from Game 6 before finishing because he received a positive Covid-19 test. The non-field celebration took place wearing a Dodgers mask.

“It’s morning night for us,” MLB Commissioner Manfred said in a field non-field interview on Fox Sports. “” We are happy to be done. I think the end of the season is a big achievement for our players, but obviously we are worried when any of our players test positive. We learned during the game that Justin was positive. It was immediately isolated to prevent spread. “

On Twitter, Turner thanked those who reached out to him.

“I feel great, no symptoms. Just experienced every emotion you could possibly imagine. Can’t believe I can’t be there to celebrate with my boys! This team is proud and L.A. City So incredibly happy, ”Turner said Wrote.

Turner returned to the field to celebrate with his teammates.

While it was the third World Series appearance of the Dodgers in the last four years, it hadn’t won it all since 1988 – a full decade before the opening season of Rays. This was Tampa’s second World Series, the second in 2008.

Snell’s outing is not enough for Ray; Caesar won the World Series MVP

Courtesy First Randy Arozera’s first innings home run, Reese had a 1-0 lead that went to the bottom of the sixth, and his starter was pitching the Black Snell Gem. He went 1 1/3 innings, was out for nine, but Snell – pit 73 after pitches – hit manager Stin Barnes and was pulled by manager Kevin Cash.

It’s a decision that probably. No longer will be discussed by fans during se fission.

From there, the Dodgers invested. With Knicker Anderson pitching for T&M, Mocky Bates doubled the lead to third. Anderson’s wild pitch took Barnes home as the Bates reached third. One play later, Bates proceeded to the choice of fielder hit by Corey Caesar, in a safe place at home. Seager will win the MVP honor of the World Series.

Bates’ solo home run at the bottom of the eighth gave the Dodgers an insurance run.

Dodgers and Reese set two best records for the 2020 season, but they use different philosophies to get to the point. Los Angeles Baseball has the highest payroll at 7 7,107.9 million, while Tampa has the lowest at $ 28.3 million.

The epidemic changes the 2020 season

The coronavirus epidemic put brakes on the MLB during spring training in March. The start of the regular season has been pushed back, and it will take time in terms on what the team owners and players will look like.

The regular season of 2020 was without fans, and it was shortened to 60 games instead of the usual 162. There was no bubble like other games like NBA, WNBA and NHL. Teams traveled and used their own home stadiums, except for the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada, which had to move to Buffalo, New York, to play this season.

The regular season had other departures from the usual MLB rules. For the first time in history the National League implemented the use of designated heaters. If the game requires extra innings, each half-innings begins with a runner on the second base. Seven-inning doubleheader games were also added – which were used mainly due to the Covid-19 outbreak at the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals.

The postseason had more teams (16) than in previous years, and league championship and World Series games were played in neutral venues. The only game with fans was in the Globe Life Field – the host of the National League Championship Series and the World Series – with a maximum of 11,500 tickets available for each game.

The legendary season ended with the Dun Jars – their eighth consecutive year in the playoffs – finally completing what they started, the best baseball team of 2020 won the 116th World Series.