The Los Angeles Clippers have reportedly hired Ty Lew as the new head coach on a five-year deal.


The Los Angeles Clippers have got their new head coach. After a multi-week search, which included a number of candidates both inside and outside the organization, the Clippers will keep Ty Lew as their next head coach on a five-year deal. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Joining the staff with them will be Luno’s main assistant Chaunsi Billups, Athletic Shams per surrender.

Lu joined the Clippers last season, his second term as an assistant coach under the Doc Rivers. With his association with the team and the championship pedigree, he has always been one of the favorites to get a job. They also had “significant support” from key players, according to Wozniacki, who potentially sealed the deal.

Although he spent most of his time on the bench as an assistant, Loney’s previous opportunity as head coach was very successful. Taking over for David Blatt in Cleveland, he famously helped the Cavaliers win the title in 2016, and made two more trips to the final before being sacked in a few games in the 2018-19 season.

As was the case in Cleveland, Lune will be tasked with getting into the Superstar-led team finals and competing for the championship. After their big moves in the last moves fission to bring Cavi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers faced a second playoff fall, giving the Denver Nuggets a 1-3 lead in the second round of the playoffs. The loss prolonged their conference’s final drought in the league-bad for 50 years as they failed to advance to the second round, and never got their start down with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, with the group ticking the clock with time, they are in must-win mode. Both Leonard and George could be out of their contracts later this year, and although there’s really no indication that both are already itching to get out of LA, the Clippers have no time to waste.