The latest updates to the 2020 US election as diplomatic staff evacuate the Chinese consulate

Chinese authorities seized control of the former United States consulate in the southwest China’s Chengdu city on Monday after it was ordered to close amid mounting tensions between world powers.

China ordered the mission to be closed in retaliation for a US order to close the Chinese consulate in Houston.

The eye-for-an-eye closures marked a significant escalation in multiple disputes between countries on issues ranging from trade and technology to national security, human rights, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

But President Donald Trump did not raise the issue on Twitter Sunday night: Instead, the President of the United States launched a strange Twitter tirade that included false claims that the 2020 election was being “rigged.”

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Continuing his long tirade on Twitter on Sunday, Donald Trump moved to Portland’s “Mum Wall”, a group of women who have joined the Portland protests and how they stand side by side between federal officials and younger protesters.

Without providing evidence, the President of the United States unfoundedly claims that women are a “scam” that the media ignores.

To learn more about the “Mommy Wall,” read our article on them from the end of last week.

Trump’s ‘culture war’ is a wild card 100 days before the elections despite the drop in the polls

Donald Trump has divided the chips he has left and placed them in just two squares on the roulette board, while Joe Biden sips a drink nearby while his opponent misses 100 days to go, he writes The independenthead of the Washington office John T Bennett.

The casino metaphor, while brazen, captures the current state of the 2020 US presidential election: its high stakes and everything. But the president has a potential wild card up his sleeve, and his suit is camouflage.

Survey after survey shows the incumbent struggling to step on the water, with a double-digit deficit to compensate nationally as he loses key battlefield states he won just four years ago. Women and older voters, who joined their 2016 coalition, continue to flee en masse.

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Donald Trump also intensified on Sunday his false claim that the 2020 elections will be “rigged” due to mail ballots. It comes just days after he declined to say whether he would accept the election results should he lose, and amid polls showing that the President of the United States follows Joe Biden in virtually every changing state.

Trump cited a recent special election in Paterson, New Jersey that saw some alleged fraud. But there is no evidence that 20 percent of the vote “was corrupted.” Although 19 percent of the ballots, which were all mailed, were rejected, it is unclear how many were related to fraud. Many ballots are rejected for other reasons.

Eight in 10 Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, a record for the Trump era

More Americans are pessimistic about the direction of their country than at any time during Donald Trump’s presidency, as the nation continues to struggle with the coronavirus, protests against police brutality that has sometimes turned violent, and a poisonous presidential election that has exposed profound policies. it divides

About eight in 10 Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction, according to a new survey by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Only 38 percent of respondents said the state of the national economy is good, almost half of 67 percent in January, before Covid-19 was known to have hit the American shores.

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Following Donald Trump’s disastrous interview with Chris Wallace a week ago, the Fox News presenter reveals that the Biden campaign has turned down the opportunity to interview his candidate.

Trump, who is very interested in Biden receiving a similar grill, shared this tweet on Sunday.

Donald Trump late on Sunday afternoon broke the news that he would no longer launch the New York Yankees opening pitch because of his “strong focus” on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The alleged reason for canceling the event was greeted with skepticism by many when the tweet came in the middle of another weekend at one of its golf clubs.

Another factor could be the fact that since the season restarted amid the coronavirus pandemic, teams have routinely knelt in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign for racial justice, something Trump has spent years criticizing.

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Seattle protesters condemn Trump’s dispatch of federal agents to the city

Activists in Seattle have condemned Donald Trump’s decision to send federal agents to the city, after dozens of protesters were arrested while protesting the president’s actions, he writes. The independentAndrew Buncombe, Chief Correspondent of the United States.

On Saturday, more than 40 people were detained and two dozen police officers were injured, after police broke up a large, peaceful protest in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. There was a series of clashes. Previously, some protesters broke a fence where a child detention center was being built and set fire to a cabin. Police said they were also investigating “possible explosive” damage to the walls of one of their buildings.

Although the arrests were made by the Seattle Police Department (SDP), protesters protested the sending to cities like Chicago, Portland and Seattle of federal law enforcement officers.

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Donald Trump has recently been pressing Fox News, which generally supports the President, to show even more deference.

He continued his campaign on Sunday; Including the Murdoch-owned channel as part of “Lamestream Media,” he claims it does not accurately reflect events in Portland, where unidentified federal agents have been violently confronting protesters for days.

The city has seen protests every night since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in May. Trump says he sent federal agents to Portland to stop the riots, but state and local officials say they are making the situation worse.

It’s unclear whether it’s a lament or a denial, but Donald Trump tweeted “THERE IS NO WAY” Pennsylvania can vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

It comes after a Fox News poll showed Biden with a whopping 11-point lead over Trump in what is considered a battlefield state.

We’ll try to get past much of Donald Trump’s weird Sunday tweets in the next few hours, providing a bit of context and correcting the false claims.

It started with a false claim The Washington Post, which the president regards as an opponent, “runs” the Reagan Foundation.

The misleading statement comes amid CNN reports that the foundation asked the Trump campaign to stop using the Reagan image in fundraising appeals.

China forces the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu

A statement by the State Department expressed disappointment at the closure of the consulate, saying the site “has been at the center of our relations with people in western China, including Tibet, for 35 years.”

“We are disappointed by the decision of the Chinese Communist Party and will strive to continue reaching out to people in this important region through our other posts in China,” the statement said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a brief notice saying “competent authorities” entered through the main entrance and seized the premises after it was closed by US diplomats at 10 a.m.

A day earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement of protest for what it called intrusions at the Houston consulate that violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the China-United States Consular Convention.

“The Chinese side strongly deplores and opposes the movement of the United States to forcibly enter the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and has presented solemn representations. China will make legitimate and necessary reactions, “the statement said.

China maintains consulates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, in addition to its embassy in Washington.

The United States has four other consulates in China and an embassy in Beijing, keeping the parties on a par in terms of diplomatic missions.


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