The latest eruptions from Mount Atna also terrify those who study volcanoes.

ROME (AP) – Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Atna, has frightened volcanologists who have erupted lava into the Sicilian skies in recent days.

The latest eruption occurred overnight by around 0900 GMT on Tuesday, according to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

For a week now, Etna has been regularly disturbing lava, ash and volcanic rocks. The nearby Catania airport was temporarily closed and residents of the city of Pedra said it looked as if one day in the past week it was raining blankets in the city.

Boris Bensek, a volcanologist at the National Institute of Observatory’s Etna Observatory, has followed the latest paroxysms with amazement. Writing on the organization’s website this week, he said that after “giving us moments of suspense” compared to the night before, it finally broke out in a way, “many of us have done this work for decades, hardly seen.”

Referring to the overnight activity, he tweeted on Tuesday: “Did I call the February 20-21 paroxism # so ‘extremely powerful’? Well, his successor, on the night of February 22-23, was very powerful. ”

As of yet, there are no reports of injuries or injuries.