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  • Infections in the US exceed 2.5 million

  • Global cases Getting closer 10 million, with almost half a million deaths

  • Brazil registers 1.3 million infections, with more than 57,000 deaths

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05:28 The German state of Bavaria will step up COVID-19 testing on a “massive” scale, according to the state ministry of health.

“A cornerstone of our Bavarian testing concept is that everyone who wants to be tested for SARS-COV-2 infection should be able to find out if they have been infected,” said Regional Health Minister Melanie.
Huml said in Munich.

The tests will focus on slaughterhouses and meat processing plants in an attempt to “prevent major outbreaks like in Gütersloh,” he added.

The government was offering tests for all Bavarian residents as quickly as possible, even for people without symptoms.

04:05 Australia’s Victoria state has mandated that returning travelers be tested for coronavirus after the state registered an increase in the number of infections. Australia also requires all local residents to return to quarantine at hotels for two weeks.

Quarantined persons will be evaluated twice, first on day three and then on day 11 of their two-week quarantine period. Those who still refuse the tests will have to be quarantined for another 10 days, said Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrew.

Victoria, the second most populous state in the country, confirmed 49 new cases in the last 24 hours, its largest daily increase in more than two months.

03:07 UK government is considering imposing a blockade on the city of Leicester after a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the Sunday time Newspaper reported.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been examining the legislation required to close the city of about 350,000 people, after he confirmed more than 650 cases in the two weeks leading up to June 16, the newspaper said, citing government sources in high level.

Hancock sent a mobile test unit to the city last week to help control the outbreak and is considering “all options” on how to respond to the latest wave of infections.

02:55 GermanyThe number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has increased from 256 to 193,499, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases. There were three recorded deaths, totaling 8,957.

Yesterday, Germany registered 687 new cases and six deaths.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned people on Saturday not to ignore the dangers of the coronavirus, saying the pandemic has not ended and the situation in the country remains serious.

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01:35 China It has confirmed 17 new cases of coronavirus, of which 14 were reported in Beijing. Capital officials have temporarily closed the wholesale food market, believed to be the source of the latest outbreak.

Schools in the Chinese capital have been closed and some neighborhoods have been closed. Since many people travel during the four-day vacation weekend, anyone leaving Beijing must have had a negative test for the virus in the past week. The city has also increased its testing capacity to 300,000 per day.

After the latest figures, China’s total infections are 83,500. The death toll in the country has remained unchanged at 4,634 since mid-May.

01:05 Mexico reported 4,410 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s total infections to 212,802. The country’s Ministry of Health also reported 602 additional deaths. So far, 26,381 people in Mexico have died from the coronavirus. The government has said that the actual numbers may be significantly higher than the number of confirmed cases.

00:00 The United States has confirmed more than 2.5 million cases of coronavirus., much more than any other country. It has also recorded 125,435 deaths, about a quarter of the world count, which is located in more than 495,000.

South and westErn States saw the most notable increase in cases, as many have begun to ease closing measures. Texas and Florida to have reimposed some restrictions, while Washington Governor Jay Inslee is suspending the state’s reopening plan.

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