The Last of Us 2: an intricate tale of revenge that falls short

After delays, leaks, and various other issues, Naughty Dog finally released the highly anticipated Last of Us Part 2. The game has been around for just over a week, and the PS4 community is divided. Some hate while others love it.

It is a polarizing game that will exhaust even the most vocal criticisms, physically or emotionally. Having finished the game with an almost complete game, here are our thoughts on the latest Naughty Dog release.

The Last of Us 2 review: a complex story that is still worth trying

First, the gameplay. Staying true to its roots, The Last Of Us 2 retains the original gameplay mechanics that were introduced in its highly popular predecessor. Yes, sometimes it seems a bit old school, but nostalgia makes up for it.

Players have the option to tackle multiple stealth encounters or a total massacre. The game stands out for its ability to blur the lines between the two very contrasting styles.

Like The Last Of Us, the sequel features familiar undead enemies with a few new additions. These are terrible times that are sure to leave some fans gasping. Even if someone is immune to scares and the undead horde, the encounter itself will surely elicit moans of despair or dismay.

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Speaking of scares, a full note to Naughty Dog for living up to the first game’s ability to cause fear with its terrifying settings and characters. There’s a much more terrifying entity than the usual post-apocalyptic crowd that is sure to make players sweat.

The graphics and gameplay are exactly what one would expect from a PS4 exclusive in 2020. While not mind-blowing, the sheer size of the newer environments makes the game very engaging.

So far so good, but it’s the centerpiece of a Naughty Dog game that has left fans divided. No wonder, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Part of what made The Last of Us a masterpiece was its ability to tell a story that each player connected to. Players could almost feel Joel and Ellie’s pain and the game ended at the top. It was a fantastic story with hardly any loose ends. The pure melancholy towards the end and the avalanche of emotions that exposes human defects perfectly wrap things up.

Arguably, there was very little to go on with a substantial sequel after such a perfect ending. However, Naughty Dog had something in mind and it is the execution of those ideas that has not worked well with many of the fans.

What doesn’t work

After a long and exhausting 30-hour campaign, I, like most players, was just exhausted to decide if I really liked the story and particularly the ending.

Simply put, the sequel falls short of the hype and excitement its predecessor evoked.

The Last of Us 2 is a masochist’s dream. There is no blood shortage and bloody slaughter, which are a staple of this particular franchise.

It is not a bad story in any way. If this had been a standalone game with no connection to the first part, it probably wouldn’t have been battered by bad reviews.

Misdirection is a powerful element that can be quite unpredictable. Unfortunately this time it has failed for Naughty Dog. In conclusion, The Last Of Us 2 is a long but confusing revenge story.

It provides closure, but not the kind that is everyone’s cup of tea.