The iPhone 12 deals highlight a new battle between wireless carriers


Apple’s Steve Jobs is the biggest new feature in the unveiled 5G, iPhone 12 lineup on Tuesday at the theater screens.


Arrival this week Of the iPhone 12, In which 5G is featured as its marquee edition, the U.S. Carriers have been brought forward who are rapidly building the next wireless network. Hans Westberg, CEO of Verizon, shared the stage with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Pal, during the launch, while competitors T-Mobile and AT&T did not confirm the mention. That animosity will intensify as these carriers begin to roll deals and tie their 5G coverage into a whole new wireless world.

Which may be good for you.

Apple Pal is going all-in on 5G as a selling point for its four new iPhones, to the extent that all mention of 5G went viral on Twitter. Its pressure comes amid a major shift in the wireless world as the industry jumps into a new pay generation of wireless technology. When the iPhone 5, the first iPhone with 4G LTE, arrived in 2012, it was Verizon Dominance in the early days of 4G LTE The closest number with AT&T 2. Sprint fell far behind and T-Mobile was practically left for dead.

Now, the industry is booming. Verizon just launched its nationwide low-band 5G network this week, putting it behind its competitors for months. AT&T, which for years was Apple’s exclusive partner for the iPhone, took to the stage on Tuesday by Verizon and is now available in the US. Is the third largest wireless provider in the world. Meanwhile, T-Mobile – J. The 4G LTE network did not start until 2013 – It is truly at the forefront of 5G in terms of nationwide network coverage which now covers 260 million people and is a valuable asset of Sprint acquired to add more speed and capacity than its competitors.

Freaky Friday underscreens the rapidly changing dynamics of the change-up wireless industry, in part. The new pay generation wireless technology is brought by .G, but the business rival is also touching. For consumers, this means there is potential confusion around what they get out of 5G – as carriers and even Apple have struggled to explain the immediate benefits of the technology – but also the opportunity to monetize new aggressive carriers on better deals.

Just make sure you read the nice print.

“It’s a win-win,” said Avi Greengart, an analyst at Texponsial. Customers, “save money, but they are forced to stick with that service provider, usually on the high-cost plans, for up to eighty years,” he said.

The discount, however, allows people to “get more expensive phones that they can afford – and probably more phones than they really need.”

5G drive roll reverse

Long under-dug, T-Mobile is located to take advantage of the so-called “super-cycle”, where customers will upgrade to the new iPhone in the drawers. Those upgrades mean customers have the opportunity to change carriers, and T-Mobile has a good story. It is the only carrier for the wide midband 5G presence thanks to Sprint. One of the three flavors of the 5G, the midband has significantly improved speed compared to the low-band 5G while still operating indoors and in large areas. And it is the type of 5G that is preferred by carriers around the world.

The millimeter-wave, the fastest version of 5G and one that has been featured repeatedly by Verizon, offers very impressive speeds that can go up to 1 Gbps, Verizon claimed this week that it has reached download speeds in some parts of the country. . 4 Gbps.

The problem with this signal is that it does not enter buildings and has the weakest range which is often limited to only a handful of city blocks, as the whole area is scattered with coverage. Verizon’s investment in covering stadiums and city centers also comes at a time when millions of Americans still live at home and apart from each other.

Neville Ray, president of technology T-Mobile, told CNET in an interview that his company’s midband network reaches 25 million people, with plans to reach 100 million by the end of the year and 200 million by the end of 2021.

With more spectrum service allocated, it expects the average download speed on T-Mobile’s midband 5G network to be 400 Mbps by the end of the year, or about eight times faster than the company’s low-band 5G network. , Whose average speed was 49.2 Mbps, according to a June report by wireless tracking firm OpenSignal. As fast as the average U.S. home internet speed, it would be almost twice as fast, Ocala noted in August.

“We believe it’s a complete game-changer with the iPhone and other 5G smartphones,” Ray said.

Others seem to agree.

“T-Mobile is in the best position because it has a legitimate midband 5G network,” Gringert said. “Verizon is pretending it’s in the best position with 5G.”

He added that Verizon’s marketing efforts on 5G got a big boost from being on stage at the iPhone event. Est Paul’s Cook called Verizon his “close partners” when he introduced Westberg.

AT&T, Greengart said, is “real” because it knows its current low-band network is not physically faster than the GG LTE and “like other carriers, it has limited millimeter-wave deployment.” This is why carriers are offering “the most aggressive promotions” for Apple’s new iPhone.

New iPhone deals, new bions


Apple’s new iPhone 12 has got a lot of promotional deals from carriers.


It’s a boon for anyone who wants to upgrade to an aggressive bion. But here, too, there is a slight reversal.

T-Mobile has long offered very attractive promotions for new devices, and its offers for the iPhone 12 are not bad. Deals for new and existing customers As well as a $ 200 discount for those who have been with T-Mobile or Sprint for at least five years. This year, however, AT&T has taken a step forward Offer free iPhone 12s to both new and existing users As long as they trade in the phone in a good condition, switch to one of its latest unlimited plans and finance the device on an AT&T installation plan, which will keep them connected to the carrier for 30 months. (The device is not completely free. In essence it will be discounted by monthly bill credits that AT&T will refund on your bill for a 30 month installment plan.)

AT&T’s offer fur is more elaborate when it comes to which devices are eligible for the full discount (which has a trade-in value of $ 95 or more on the site) and which are off-the-shelf (anything with a trade-in value). Can get. At least $ 35). And it’s offering the same huge discounts for both new and existing customers for many popular 5G Android phones, including Samsung’s Galaxy S20 5G and Note 20 5G lines, as well as the foldable Z Flip 5G and Z Fold 2 5G.

“If you’re the number three carrier, you do different things,” said Jennifer Van Buskirk, senior vice president of marketing AT&T. “So we’re going to double down on putting customers first, making sure we do everything we can to improve our customer experience and provide the best possible experience for our customers.”

Van Buskirk acknowledged that AT&T, like other carriers, has a “large base of iPhones” and the addition of 5G-enabled iPhones to the company’s portfolio is “a big trend point that should accelerate 5G adoption for us nationwide.”

Verizon, despite its st stage presence on the virtual iPhone announcement, has More muted iPhone 12 deals AT&T’s free offer relates to fur and T-Mobile’s extensive trade-in discounts. It offers free iPhones to people who switch providers, choose a business, choose a “phone” and choose one of its premier unlimited plans. It also offers existing users a discount on the iPhone 12 for at least ડ 15 per month for 24 months while trading in the “Choose” device and one of its latest premium unlimited plans.

Ronan Dunn, CEO of Verizon’s Consumer Group, told CNET that he doesn’t expect any major switching events because of the new phones. “I’m not really sure this is such an incredible switching reason.” “The truth is why everyone has their own devices, why they get the device and why they choose a carrier.”

Assuming that people will change carriers on the announcement of the keynote speech, he said, “it’s contradictory for customers,” adding that in his view “customers come for the network and then they live for the experience.”

Play a long game

Screen-shot -2020-10-13-at-10-22-06-am.png

Apple Play unveiled the 5G-enabled iPhone on Tuesday.

Screenshot by Qinyi Wong / CNET

Despite the importance of 5G-enabled iPhones to get more 5G devices in people’s hands, all three carriers are still aware that it is too early in the 5G race in the US, which is already an improvement in the network over the next few years.

In addition to expanding and improving its low-band and midband networks, Ray said, “expect more millimeter-wave news from T-Mobile next year.” While the technology is key to its competitors’ early 5G networks, Ray mostly sees T-Mobile’s low-band and midband 5G networks as “developed”, providing additional speed and capacity for urban areas or stadiums.

In addition to releasing the low-band network, Verizon also announced Tuesday that it has added 19 new cities, 19 new stadiums and six new airports to its millimeter-wave count. It has millimeter-wave 5G in parts of 55 cities, with plans to reach 60 millimeter-wave locations before the end of the year.

AT&T says it covers about 224 million people with its nationwide low-band 5G network. More than 205 million this summer, And now reaches parts of 36 cities with its millimeter-wave network.

Both Verizon and AT&T are expected to be active in the upcoming Federal Communications Commission auction for more midband spectrum later this year, Verizon already The previous auction would have cost about Rs 1.9 billion This summer. While this holiday season will add another twist to customers debating on your new 5G phone, some manufacturers are already preparing for these network upgrades.

According to Apple Paul’s list of spectrum bands, the new iPhones include support for some of the bands sold recently and the spectrum frequencies will be auctioned later this year. In principle, Apple’s devices will be able to take advantage of the fact that even though that network is available, they are not available today.

Dune of Verizon said support for the midband spectrum it bought will eventually come on the new iPhone. “You can assume that the best of all the class devices that we have present there support the spectrum bands and what we’ve achieved.”

Support for many bands, even those that are no longer used in networks, is why Greengart said the iPhone 12 is “the proof of the future more than any other phone,” noting that Apple has traditionally sold its phones for many years.

“In general, you should feel very comfortable buying an iPhone 12 for any version of 5G today that your carrier is supporting somewhere today, even if it is not supporting it in your immediate vicinity.” “Because if he rolls out, he’ll get support.”