The ICE has arrested 172 immigrants in sanctuary cities in just six days

The arrests took place between October 3-99 in Baltimore, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, DC, according to a statement.

The proceedings focused on people who had already faced deportation and “arrested for crimes but were released by state or local law enforcement agencies despite being permanent immigration detainees.”

More than 80% of those arrested “had criminal charges or pending criminal charges at the time of arrest.”

According to ICE spokesman Miguel Alvarez, the arrests include:

  • 54 in New York
  • 35 in Seattle
  • 34 in Denver
  • 26 in Philadelphia
  • 12 in Baltimore
  • And Washington in Washington, DC 11

“The department will continue to take legal action to protect our communities regardless of whether we have the cooperation of state and local authorities,” said Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Is part.

“Politics will not come before security while enforcing the law and protecting our citizens,” Wolf said.

In the November 2001 election, the ICE and DHS have stepped up criticism of its jurisdiction, which limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials. This criticism is consistent with a message that the Trump administration has spent an excellent four years under pressure.