The Giants need more than the best of Daniel Jones to win the Cowboys

Daniel Jones is as tough and courageous as any of them, ready to play the injury, ready to endure the pain and risk injury for his team. It doesn’t make him a hero; This is a vague promise of loyalty. The franchise is expected to quarterback.

Eli Mining Ning spoiled the Giants’ fans as the NFL’s Cal Ripkon Jr., once playing with him empty-handed and once during the 210-game Ironman Streak with plantar fasciitis. Just because the Giants still believe Jones could be their next Ally Manning hardly means that anyone under the illusion will show up to play every time and every time there will be a game on schedule.

Jones missed two games as a joke with an ankle sprain and has missed two games this season with hamstring and ankle injuries, if you take it to his word, it will prevent him from becoming an RPO and zone-read risk and limit him to a pocket quarterback. Please.

It has proved difficult enough for Jones to get his team healthy in the final zone and in the score points.

Forget for a moment that cowboys are defensively challenging as giants are aggressively challenged.

Giants’ Daniel Jones
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

This is not the time to expect miracles from Daniel Jones with the Tu against the Cowboys on Sunday.

It’s time for all of his veteran teammates – and coaches – to rally around him with the best game of the season.

Help Daniel Jones.

“I read Daniel’s comments yesterday,” the same judge said, acknowledging Jones’ lack of mobility on his New Year’s Eve birthday. “I probably would have come a little further than I would have been with him. I always keep the player’s health in mind. Let’s do it. “

All hands on deck.

Speak from your pads now or in your silence forever.

Jones was sacked six times by the Cardinals and six times by the Ravens, and will not be able to come up against the Cowboys on that day, while the Giants, who have scored 26 points in their last three games and averaged 31.1 per game, need 24 points or more. May fall. Jason Garrett, calling the plays for the first time since 2012, could silence some critics and spoil Jerry Jones’ New Year’s Eve with the mother of all game plans for change.

“We have to run it better, we have to throw it better, we have to get more points, and we have to become more productive and contribute to winning in other ways as well,” Garrett said.

Andy Dalton will never remind anyone of Lamar Jackson, but the Ravens ran for 249 yards against the Big Blue, and Ezekiel Elliott (calf scratch) seemed healthier than ever.

Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham said twice on Thursday: “We need to play our best game.”

General manager Dave Gettell has always believed in the defensive line, so the Cowboys’ aggressive coordinator Callen Moore doesn’t feed the hungry Elliott early and often and makes life easier to make sure Leonard Williams, Dwin Lwin and Tom Linsen. When the machine and the Black Martinez are sharpened, the tabling machine is better.

Graham Pass Rush brings a better figure on how to better plan – in 93 combined pass efforts involving Killer Murray, Baker Mayfield and Jackson, Lance Rance Taylor and Michael Strahan, the Giants have bagged two sacks.

Dalton played big games in Cincinnati, even though his playoff record was 0-4, and he has three Amigos – our Cooper, CD Lamb and Michael Gallup – more explosive than any of Jones’ recipients.

“I think these three guys could fit into the label of being the top receiver for the team and feature matchup guy,” the judge said.

The Giants knew they needed a quick start in Baltimore and couldn’t. Jones cannot be put in a position where he is asked to play later, so it is imperative that Big Blue get him a short field or, better yet, scores. On the verge of losing these three games, the Giants have a takeover (fumble recovery). Are you listening to Logan Ryan, Gabriel Pepper and James Bradberry?

“We have to go there and have our best game on Sunday,” the judge said.

It would be very helpful if he could recall the chemistry Jones and Darius Slaton enjoyed last season, and even in his first Cowboy game, Slaton (8 catches, 129 yards) enjoyed his best game of the season, and Garrett a little. Deep nda shots are comfortable to call.

“He’ll take our best game on Sunday,” Jones said.

Last week Jones tried a pass1 pass that was a recipe for doom. To his credit, he didn’t make a turnover, but the Giants ’Super Bowl XXV game plan is to keep any risky offense, which would be beneficial.

Consider the Giants’ rush figures in the last three games: 74, andards and y 54 yards.

Consider the Giants’ possession time in the last three games: 22:07, 25:57, 24:51.

No special teams fake.

“We have to be the best when we need the best,” said Thomas McGuinness, coordinator of the special teams.

Last but not least, during the Cowboys ’three-win win, Jones should have the best in his defense against the defense.

“The reza is done through the roof,” Evan Engram said.

That’s better. It should be. From Daniel Jones, and from every New York football giant.