The first iPhone 12 Mini hands-on video shows the new 5.4-inch design in detail

The iPhone 12 Mini won’t be available for pre-order until next week, but YouTube has helped get its hands on it as soon as possible. The video provides our first real-world look at the iPhone 12 Mini, and also compares it to other iPhone models with its new 5.4-inch display.

Update: Original video has been removed; We’ve uploaded another copy below.

The more than 40-minute video from Romanian youtuber George Buhnik is our first appearance on the iPhone 12 Mini outside of a special event at Apple Pal earlier this month. The device will not be available for pre-order until December 6 and the first order will not arrive until November 13. We expect that initial press reviews will be published shortly between those two dates.

The video takes a look at the design and size of the iPhone 12 Mini, showing how it compares to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both with 6.1-inch displays. We’ve also been able to see how the various parts of iOS 14 have been optimized for 5.4-inch displays, as well as a look at my camera technology.

Unfortunately, the video can be a little difficult to follow as it will jump back and forth between subjects, and because Buhniki speaks Romanian. However, it is still our first and look at the real world iPhone 12 until full reviews are published and the device is released.

The iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4-inch display with the same set of features as the 6.1-inch iPhone. In fact, Apple said during its event that the iPhone 12 Mini packs a much larger screen than the 7.-inch iPhone. SE but due to its edge-to-edge structure it is really physically small. In terms of resolution, the iPhone 12 Mini’s display is 2340 × 1080, measuring 476 pixels per inch.

What do you think about this early iPhone 12 mini hand-video not video? Are you planning to buy when the device is available for pre-order next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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