The Final Fantasy 7 remake may arrive on PS Plus in March, but will not be eligible for upgrade to the PS5 version

At least in Japan, the PS4 version of the Final Fantasy 7 remake may arrive on the PS Plus next March – but it won’t freely upgrade to the new PS5 version. Twitter user aibo, The Japanese PS store list of the final F PS Nintendo 7 remake Intergrad includes a small print showing that the original PS4 game will be added to the PS Plus, with the odd detail that the small print says it was added on March 1, which is next. .. week. Easily translated, it adds to the list, “PlayStation 4 version ‘Final Fantasy VII REMAKE’ obtained as a free play by subscribing to PlayStation Plus cannot be upgraded to PlayStation 5 version.”

It is not clear exactly how the upgrade process will be blocked, although most upgradeable PS4 / PS5 games automatically offer a newer version – it may be that the game is offered as a separate ‘PS Plus Editor’ to prevent the upgrade. . It is also worth pointing out that Japanese PS Plus games may be different than those in other regions. We have contacted Sony and Square Enix for comment.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake intergrade was announced yesterday at the PlayStation State of Play event, and the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the PS4 offers buyers a free upgrade (with Save Game Transfer). It seems that the PS Plus version will not increase the privilege for claimants.

Intergrade is an expanded version of the FF7 remake, with a new photo mode and support for performance and graphics modes, improved textures, fog effects, lighting and faster load times, as well as haptic feedback from the dual sense controller. With Integrade, a bonus episode featuring UFI will be released, which will only be playable for owners of the PS5 version of the game.

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