The ‘extreme’ August gust in the stock market may be telling us something about the November election

We are closing in on what could be the best August in stocks since 2000. And that seems optimistic, as futures are at a record high for the S&P 500 SPX on Friday.
+ 0.67%
And Nasdaq Composite COMP,
+ 0.60%.

Of course, autumn and winter are coming, U.S. The election race of will begin to heat up and the Covid-19 war and everything that comes with it. It brings us Call of the dayJulian Emanuel, chief equity and derivatives strategist at BTIG, who says August is a very strong month for stocks – the S&P 500 has risen .2.5 per cent since August 28 – to tell us something about who will win the White House in November.

“At first glance, Donald Trump’s election plays out well in August’s strength – in the three months leading up to the November election, the positive S&P 500 compensation party has won 85.7% of the time,” Emanuel told customers in a note.

But going back to 1928, when stocks rose 5% or more in August Gust, and returns from June to August peaked at 25%, the market often struggles in September and October. “And while the S&P 500 is down by the end of August by election, the incoming party has lost the White House on all six occasions,” he notes.

The move is to take note of the political, social, public health and economic uncertainty against “a Nasdaq-100” amid a possible “blowoff” top move – a rapid and followed high climb after a rapid drop. But he says it’s hard to say whether we’re at its beginning, middle or end.

It is given by their chart of Nasdaq-100 NDX,
+ 0.58%
And the Co-Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (VXN), a key step in the market expectations of implied swings in tech-heavy gauges.

“The last time both NDX and VXN came together with this degree was in January 2018, long before it was known as‘ Walmegaden ’, the so-called Fear Gauge of the then Street Street – the Bo Volatility Index VIX,
+ 2.17%
Reached levels not seen in 20 years.

His advice: call your own – trust the asset boom that doesn’t force investors to buy the underlying asset by a certain date – at Invesco CQQ CQQ,
+ 0.50%
Exchange-traded fund that tracks the Nasdaq-100 index. It suggests ownership of the Putts – a bearish bet that works against C calls – at Eicher’s Russell 2000 ETF IWM,
+ 0.84%


Stock pessimists with the Dow YM100 seem to be in short supply,
+ 0.06%,
S&PES 100,
+ 0.15%
And Nasdaq NQ00,
+ 0.16%
Rise in futures, SXXP with European stocks,
+ 0.11%
Minus London, which is closed for the holiday. Nikkei 225 NIK,
+ 1.12%
Asian markets rise higher after Berkshire Hathaway bets on Japan’s finances (see buzz)


Goldam Sachs says that from year-to-date, -43% of women-funded funds have performed against female batchmarks, compared to only 411% without women administrators.

A team led by David Costin, Goldman’s chief U.S. equity strategist, explains: “Men may be women from Mars and Venus, but female-managed funds tend to favor information while non-female-managed funds prefer financial matters.”


IPhone maker Apple AAPL’s stock,
And electric-car company Tesla TSLA,
Start trading on a split-adjusted basis on Monday, and there are more in both premarkets. Here is another big Dow change you should be aware of.

Shares of Immune Therapeutics AIMT, no
+ 5.08%
Swiss food group Nestle is rocking after NSRGY,
+ 0.62%
Announced 6 share deals worth 6 2.6 billion for the biopharmaceutical group.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire BRKA,
+ 0.54%
+ 0.77%
The organization said it would bet on Japan’s Mitsubishi 8058,
+ 7.71%,
Mitsui 8031,
+ 7.34%,
Sumitomo 8053,
+ 9.08%,
Itochu 8001,
+ 4.18%
And Marubeni 8002,
+ 9.48%,
Shares of those financial groups send more on Monday.

To lure passengers, United Airlines UAL,
+ 3.09%
It will waive its undisclosed fee of Rs 200 for changing tickets for domestic travel.

New Beijing sanctions on ticket ok U.S. Hinders potential sales of operations. The parent company, Chinese tech firm G, is under pressure from the White House to sell it or face sanctions.

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