The Dodgers won the title, Turner tested positive

Arlington, Texas (AP) – Almost every face has no dog peel, no champagne and no mask – the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated their first World Series title since 1988 in a way no one could have imagined before the coronavirus epidemic.

They started the party without Justin Turner, too, when their red-headed star got word of a positive COVID-19 test in the middle of their cleaning victory.

Turner was eliminated from Los Angeles after a 3-1 win over Tampa Bay Rays in Tuesday night’s 6 game after registering the first positive test of Major League Baseball in 59 days. Initially he wasn’t on the field because the Dodgers had fun robbing him of the title he had achieved in a very unusual season.

He returned to the diamond about an hour after the game, hugging longtime teammate Clayton Kershaw and sitting next to manager Dave Roberts, pulling down his masked dard with his mask, sitting front-center for a team photo.

Turner said on Twitter, “Thanks for reaching out to everyone!” “I feel great, no symptoms. Just experienced every possibility you could possibly imagine. Don’t believe I can’t stay there to celebrate with my boys! So this team is proud and incredibly happy for LA City. “

Insulated postseason teams in Major League Baseball ball neutral-site bubbles after touring the country during a short 60-season. Turner was the first player since he began marking plaques for coronavirus.

The MLB found Monday’s samples of Turner from the Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory in Utah at the bottom of the second inning, while Lab President Dr. Daniel Ich called Deputy Commissioner Dan Helm in New York, a person familiar with the call said he spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because details were not released.

Eichner told Halem the result was unclear. The MLB has achieved a lot of undecided results, so Halem asked Eichner to run Tuesday’s preliminary sample from Turner. That result came back positive in the sixth inning, the guy said.

Helm called Chris Young, MLB’s senior vice president of base operations, who was at Manfred’s Bucks in the Globe Life Field, then called Andrew Friedman, the Dodgers chairman of base operations. He notified a dugout or clubhouse, and Turner was removed from the game after the seventh inning.

“It was obviously a really unfortunate ending to this incredible series and what JT told us definitely affected some of the joy of winning,” Friedman said.

When Friedman was asked about what happened after the game, Turner wanted to take a photo with the trophy. Friedman said several times that people around Turner had been in close contact before and said the team would take a second round of tests before deciding when to leave Texas.

“The next tests we’re going to take are really important,” Friedman said.

Turner, 35, has been a staple in the Dodgers’ lineup for seven of his eight consecutive NL West titles. Succeeding with an upper-cut swing, model-more slugger Gare, who helped reshape the game, Turner is the career leader of the LA with 12 postseason home runs, including a pair in the series, in which he hit .364 and also played stellar defense.

“This works in the gut,” said World Series MVP Corey Searle. “If I could switch places with him right now, I would. It’s not right.”

“We’re not excluding him from anything,” said teammate Moki Bates.

Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed Turner’s positive test moments after presenting the World Series trophy to Los Angeles – a different reminder of all of this season where perennial-favored dodgers finally broke down.

The end of a disappointing championship drought For LA – and probably just the beginning for the Bates and Dodgers, whose sixth World Series title was their sixth since Brooklyn left the West Coast in 1958.

“I had a crazy feeling that benefited me,” Roberts said. “It’s just a special group of players, an organization that we’ve beaten all sorts of.”

Bates bolted from the third to advance on Caesar’s ground in the sixth, the trend was also running, then a punctuation was Homer Leading the eighth ball.

“It simply came to our notice then. The team was incredible, ”said Ciger, adding that NLCS MVP, who set the franchise record with eight homers and 20 RBIs The Postseason. “It simply came to our notice then. Once that was done, we continued rolling. “

Kershaw was heating up in a bullpen When Julio 5rias struck Willie Dames to end it and he ran with teammates to celebrate in mockery, he was later reunited with the family who lived in the bubble with him in North Texas.

Players were given face masks as they gathered, although many of their gifts came mask-free even after Turner’s positive test.

Since the Dodgers played 5,014 regular-season games and their 114th postseason game, O’Reilly Hershey has beaten Auckland’s Tony Phillips for the World Series final in 1988, the same year Kershaw – three times in the N.L. Psy Young Award winner j. Winning games 1 and 5 of the series – took place in nearby Dallas.

Los Angeles came to the World Series twice in the last three years. Bates was on the other side two years ago and sat in the Cleaning Game 5 for the Boston Red Sox, who traded the 2018 AL MVP to the Dodgers earlier this season. They later offered him a 36 5,365 million, 12-year deal that lasted until he turned 40 in 2032.

Bates’ 2.2-second sprint home run was enough to beat a throw by first-baseman G-Man Choi, despite impressive performances as Rays manager Kevin Cash pulled the black snail to the left to give Los Angeles a 2-1 lead. 5/3 innings up.

“It was like a sigh of relief,” Bates said. “It was CE Young Snell who made it to tonight.”

Snail struck nine times – with Bates, Searle and Turner each getting out of the first two t-bats. But the 2018 AL Sai Young Award winner did not see the top three batsmen again for the Dodgers.

“The only purpose was a lineup that is as powerful as the Dodgers facility, like any team in the league,” Cash said. “Mokey is coming around for the third time, I value it. I fully respect and understand the questions that come with it. They are not easy decisions. “

Tampa Bay mighty Randy Arozerena breaks his postseason record with 10th Homer Tony Gonsolin, right-hander, first of seven Dodgers pitchers. The Rays didn’t get the second inning back, as LA’s Bullpen gave the reliever-Reliance Tampa Bay a taste of its own medicine, while only two hits and 7/3 innings didn’t go over.

About 2/2 weeks after the Lakers won the NBA title as they finished their season in the NBA Bubble in Land Rlando, Florida, the Jerseys gave Los Angeles another championship.

The MLB season did not begin until the end of July and was shortened to a shorter regular season from 1878. The extended postseason, when he made 16 teams instead of 10, saw Uris get the final two outs on the third strike with catcher Aust Stein. Barnes is filling the last pitch from his back pocket. The Rays had 16 KS and the Dodgers 11, the most combined strikeouts in a nine-inning World Series game.

“MVP !, MVP!” Chants of Bates when he hit his double to sixth reel reliever Nick Anderson, he allowed runs in seven consecutive relief appearances, the longest streak in MLB postseason history.

Even with a limited crowd of 11,437 – the talks went even louder when Bates went hard to the top with a right-handed Pete Fairbanks going 0-2.

Dodgers Blue had plenty of fans at the Texas Rangers ’new $ 1.2 billion home, the rear-roofed stadium where they played 16 games in three weeks. And the roof was closed for the final one, with the misty conditions and 39-degree game temperature outside.

Los Angeles was the home team for the final game of the season, much like the 2017 World Series, when the Houston Astros won Game 7 at the Game Jar Stadium, and two years ago against the Red Sox.

“This year has been crazy, but no matter what, we will turn to this and we are the World Series champions. To say that and to be a part of it, is to be special in what it is, “Kershaw said.” The only thing that would have made it better would have been at Dodder Stadium. “


This report is contributed by AP Baseball Ball author Ronald Blum.


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