The Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott does not have a post-surgical infection

Doctors are happy that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has not suffered any infection from surgery on a compound fracture in his right leg, a source told ESPN.

“So far, so good,” the source told ESPN about Prescott’s recovery.

Doctors were concerned that the infection might be established and are closely monitoring the situation to prevent it. Prescott, who underwent surgery Sunday night, was sent home from the hospital Monday afternoon.

Sources expect Prescott to need a four- to six-month rehabilitation, but Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said the quarterback would “challenge any timeline.” In a video posted on Instagram on Thursday, Prescott said he was “ready to start this way to come back” and that the end of the season is in “great spirits” after surgery.

Prescott was injured in the third quarter of last Sunday’s victory over the New York Giants. He was in tears as his right leg was bent in the air cast and burned under the ground.

Prescott was at the Cowboys’ practice facility on Thursday and he met with teammates and coaches, and McCarthy noted that “the electricity he brings to our football team.”

Other quarterbacks in the NFC East, such as Carson Wentz, Daniel Jones, Dwayne Hawkins and Alex Smith, who had an inspiring comeback from a foot injury after a surgical follow-up surgery, with messages of support from players around the NFL reaching the presscott last week.