The court rejects Trump’s brother’s motion to block the revealing book of the president’s niece

Judge Peter J. Kelly of the Queens County Substitute Court in New York, where Robert S. Trump filed a motion to obtain a temporary restraining order on Tuesday, dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction.

Ted Boutrous, the renowned First Amendment lawyer who represented Mary Trump and who has also represented CNN in the past, praised the court’s decision in a statement.

“The court quickly and correctly ruled that it lacks jurisdiction to grant the Trump family’s unfounded request to delete a book of utmost public importance,” Boutrous said. “We hope this decision ends the matter.”

“Democracy thrives on the free exchange of ideas,” added Boutrous, “and neither this court nor any other has the authority to violate the Constitution by imposing a prior restriction on central political discourse.”

Charles Harder, the attorney who represents Robert Trump and who also represents the President, said his client will continue legal action.

“Robert Trump, Mary Trump, and the other family members who settled in 2001, agreed to the jurisdiction of future disputes in the Queens County, New York Substitute Court,” Harder said in a statement. “Therefore, this matter was filed in that court.”

“Today, the substitute court ruled that it has no jurisdiction over the dispute,” Harder continued. “Therefore, Robert Trump will proceed with the filing of a new lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court.”

In return, Boutrous commented, “We are ready!”

Tuesday’s filing in New York’s Queens County Substitute Court had argued that Mary Trump’s book for Simon & Schuster, who was also listed as a defendant, broke a confidentiality agreement.

The filing says that after Fred Trump’s death, there was litigation over his will. As part of a settlement, according to the filing, all parties agreed to a confidentiality provision, including Mary Trump.

A representative for Simon & Schuster said in a statement that the company was “delighted” with the court’s decision on Thursday.

“We hope to publish TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH Mary Mary Trump,” added the company representative, “and we are confident that we will prevail if there are further efforts to stifle this publication.”

The Trump administration recently took legal action in an attempt to block the revealing book by John Bolton, the former national security adviser.
But a federal judge denied the Justice Department motion, writing in its decision that Bolton’s book had already been widely distributed and that the court “would not order the seizure and destruction of a political memory at the national level.”
Harder, the attorney representing Robert Trump, has a history of filing lawsuits against news organizations on behalf of President Trump. The lawsuits have been dismissed by legal experts as public relations stunts with little chance of success in court.