The court criticized Kardashian and the US election before 2020 for wearing the ‘Vote Kanye’ trader

It is a shame for fans to support Kardashian’s Kanye West’s election campaign.

The court slammed Kardashian after the brother-in-law Kanye promoted commercialism for West’s election campaign.

No reality TV star Moving on with the Kardashians Recently put up an Instagram story where she was seen wearing a bezel cap cap with “What Kanye” written on it.

The Kardashian sister has also shared a link to West’s merchant website where her followers can find similar caps and many other items.

Fans backed Kourtney’s election campaign and reprimanded the star on Twitter.

“The court’s decision to encourage Kardashian and his 102 million followers to vote for Kenyan by posting an Insta Story is the most irresponsible, disrespectful and reckless use of the family platform I’ve ever seen.”

Kanye will run for the next U.S. election 2020 after intentionally announcing his intentions in July.

In most states he will compete as a written candidate.