The coronavirus pandemic causes a new skin problem: ‘Mask-Ne’, also known as Mask Acne | Glam Laboratory


LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens (WABC) – As if experiencing a global pandemic is not difficult enough … a new skin problem enters. It is called Mask-Ne (acne mask).

Between the stress combined with covering our faces, the skin, particularly around the nose and mouth, has become a bacterial gold mine.

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The good news? Only a few small adjustments to your skincare routine can make a big difference.

After receiving quite a few emails about these new outbreaks, the Face Haus team quickly compiled a list of useful products and ingredients.

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We also spoke with New York City dermatologist Dr. Amy Spizouco, who discussed causes and simple tips for keeping your skin clean and clear.

Catch this Glam Lab episode for a step-by-step guide to clearing up your mask!


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