The ‘collective immunity music festival’ will take place in July, against the advice of medical experts

The world’s first “collective immunity festival” will take place next month, against the advice of medical experts.

Music events around the world have been canceled to limit the spread of the coronavirus, but the three-day festival in Ringle, Wisconsin, in the United States, plans to continue in July.

Herd Immunity Fest artists include artists like Static-X, Nonpoint, Dope, Bobaflex, and Royal Bliss.

Described as a “mini-festival”, the event will take place outdoors at the Q&Z Expo Center. The promotion of the event does not mention the measures of social distancing.

On Facebook, one of the organizers of the event wrote: “When the closing happened, my first thought was that we could do 2 weeks, then it went on and on, things were canceled, I started to worry about people not only for Covid but mentally, physical, financial.

“As humans, WE NEED another human contact. MUSIC itself is great, but live broadcasts, as I’m sure everyone knows, is not the same thing we need LIVE, feel it to the bone, shiver down the spine MUSIC with the people around us. It takes us all on a journey that, unless you have felt it, will not understand it. ”

The festival will be the first rock festival with recognizable acts to take place since the pandemic began.

The “collective immunity” theory postulates that allowing the virus to spread through the population encourages people to develop immunity rapidly, decreasing the likelihood of transmitting the virus to others. It has been contested by many medical experts and has been rejected as a pandemic strategy in countries across Europe.