The chair of the director of Smash Bros. Sakurai appears on video, he has the Internet looking for where to buy it

Sakurai’s couch joins the fight, and we join the hunt!

More than a year and a half since its initial release, the excitement surrounding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it hasn’t lost much momentum at all. Part of that is due to the nice gameplay mechanics of the crowd Nintendo-Published crossover fighting game Switch, but just as important is the constant stream of new fighters and added scenarios like DLC.

As has become a tradition when a new fighter is added to the cast, the director Masahiro Sakurai He made a video presentation introducing the character and his abilities. And unlike last time, when there was quite a loud moan from the addition of another Fire emblem character, this time the fan base seems pretty happy with Min Min’s arrival of the quirky Nintendo game arms.

But even though this was supposed to be Min Min’s time to shine, the spotlight was quickly stolen … by Sakurai’s couch.

See, due to the continuing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Sakurai made the presentation not from his office or a recording studio, but from the comfort of his own home..

However, that was not a problem aesthetically speaking. The director’s living room is light and tidy, with a cozy atmosphere and two televisions, as Sakurai sometimes likes to watch television and play games at the same time, or have two games simultaneously when he has friends.

▼ The boy also has a wide variety of video game consoles hidden underneath those screens.

But viewers’ favorite part of Sakurai’s sense of interior design is her sofa..

In fact, the video has sparked so much couch-focused curiosity that a fan in Japan, Twitter user @Dragon_lily, posted side-by-side images of a screenshot of the Sakurai video and a photo from the Japanese interior store. Nitori, which leads many to think that it is the same in which Smash The director sits down during his play sessions.

▼ Nitori Three-Person Motorized Reclining Sofa, priced at 146,390 yen ($ 1,370)

However, while the two sofas look very similar, closer inspection reveals they are probably not a rival. Let’s take another look at Sakurai’s sofa.

See how the back cushion is divided into three horizontal sections, with the top one wider / taller than the bottom two? Now take another look at Nitori’s sofa …

… and notice how all three sections of the back cushion are the same width.

Next, let’s look at the Armrests On the Sakurai sofa, they are short, only appear in front of the backrest, and relatively narrow, only almost as wide as the back of the sofa..

However, in the Nitori model, armrests are longer, with cushions mounted in sections that protrude more than the back.

And then there is perhaps the biggest problem, which is that Nitori says his couch shown in the tweet only seats three, but Sakurai, a slim guy even by Japanese standards, easily takes up half the width of his couch. when you sit down.

So in the end it seems like the Sakurai couch and the Nitori shown in the side-by-side tweet are different. However, Nitori also has a two-person version of that sofa..

▼ You can find it by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting 2 人 用 両 電動.

▼ The Nitori sofa for two people

This sofa is much more like the one in Sakurai’s house. Of course, the back cushions and armrests still look a little different, but it is possible that Sakurai is simply an older model, and that the updated version has some cosmetic changes.

On the plus side, at 146,390 yen, Nitori’s two-person sofa is also around a hundred dollars cheaper than the three-person sofa. Right now it’s probably the best option if you want your living room to cosplay as the Smash Director, and can be ordered here through Nitori’s online store (don’t forget to pick up any of his hallucination-worthy linens or unofficial transparent anime file frames you might also need).

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