The center-right mayor in Brazil’s largest city is a socialist

Sao Paulo (AP) – The mayors of America’s largest cities have come forward to successfully defend the election of the socialist leader of the scattered movement, as elections were held on Sunday in 57 Brazilian cities.

With nearly two-thirds of the ballots counted in S સાo Paulo, Mayor Bruno Covas Gilharme Boulos had 40% to 60% of the vote, backed by former President Luiz Inઓcio Lula da Silva.

Kovas, the grandson of the former state governor, is a close ally of the current Sao Paulo state government. His predecessor as mayor, Joao Doria, and his strong performance will boost Doria’s presidential ambitions for the center-right Social Democracy Party.

Challenging President Jair Bolsonaro to dismiss the severity of the epidemic, he campaigned on his campaign to lead the city of 12 million people out of the coronavirus crisis, helped set up field hospitals and imposed restrictions on activity. Kovas, a cancer survivor, also recovered from the virus in June.

The son of a university professor, Boulos decided to become a community organizer in poor areas of the city at the age of 16 and still does not live in a poor neighborhood with his wife and two daughters. Even with the defeat, he is expected to become Brazil’s most important leftist leader after pushing himself under the influence of the mayor.

One of the leaders of the homeless labor movement, he became known for organizing an invasion of vacant buildings in downtown Sઓo Paulo, arguing that they should be shared by homeless families.

He recently announced that he has tested positive for the new coronavirus. Unable to cast a vote when canceled, he turned out to greet supporters on the balcony of his home on Sunday.

With the rise of Bolos of Socialism and the Liberty Party, led by Da Silva for a long time, hopes were also raised on the Brazilian left, and he drew enthusiastic crowds to his meetings.

“I wanted to vote for the woman and there was no proper shot. I will vote for Blos Loss because it excites people my age, ”said 23 telemarketing operator operator Yasmin Mene Nezes. 23. I have no problem with Mayor Kovas, that’s right, but I think Bou Los has sent a stronger message against racists and racists. ”

Both mayoral candidates oppose Bolsonaro, whose mayoral candidacy came in fourth in the first round of voting two weeks ago, with Bloss having half the vote.

Alberto Bueno, a partner at Consaldia firm Concordia, said the socialist candidate could be an important leader even in defeat.

“Boulos won over a young audience and a strong left-wing Bolsonaro electorate,” Bueno said. “It will depend on his political skills to demonstrate his leadership beyond Sao Paulo.”

Rousseau Bolsonaro campaigned for some candidates during his live broadcast on social media in recent weeks, but some of them won.

With the exception of Sao Paulo, the president’s biggest shock is coming from his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, where his favorite candidate, Mayor Marcelo Crivela, was losing by a wide margin to former mayor Eduardo Paes. With just under 60% of the vote count, Paes led Crivela by 64% -36%.