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I am no stranger to beauty setbacks once plucked half of my eyelashes with a pharmacy eyelash curler. After such an incident, it is easy to access the Internet to seek advice. The problem is that there is simply too much out there. So when I have a beauty dilemma, I prefer to go to trusted friends – people who have been there before, know their stuff, and can give me helpful and personalized advice. I would like to be that friend to you, so I created the email [email protected]. Send me your specific and strange beauty problems, and I will respond with tips, tricks and remedies to overcome your situation.

My friend is clearly experiencing a 2020 problem. After walking her dog around the neighborhood, she came home, took off her mask, and realized she had received a Sun tanning only in the upper half of his face. FaceTimed the other day, and I had to avoid laughing. What can she do to match it? tanned face And what can I do to prevent this from happening to me?