The accident killed her, but she got her record

– Jessi Combs died in a horrible accident last year, but the professional runner and Myth Busters The star known as the “fastest woman on four wheels” on Earth achieved the world record she was trying to set. Guinness World Records announced this week that Combs had been awarded the record for fastest land speed by a woman, reports the BBC. Combs was trying to beat the previous record of 512.7 mph set by American specialist Kitty O’Neil in 1976 when she died last August; It is now official that Combs hit 522,783 mph before crashing. Both women were driving jet vehicles when they set their records.

In a Instagram post, his partner Terry Madden recounts how the fatal attempt was to be Combs’ last race in the vehicle before he stopped doing so. “I really don’t know how I feel about it, since no record could be worth her not being here, but it was a goal that she really wanted,” he writes. “And as difficult as it is for me to even look at the car without crying. I am so proud of her. She woke up that morning with an alarm saying ‘let’s make history’ and we had an absolutely amazing day.” (This is what caused the accident).